Thursday, August 31, 2023

The rooster is dead, satire is my favorite animal, my mother-in-law and I by Wolfgang Hampel

The rooster is dead, satire is my favorite animal, my mother-in-law and I by Wolfgang Hampel Copyright 2023 Saturday August 26, 2023 by Wolfgang Hampel All rights reserved-------------------------- Angelika and I help my mother-in-law to clean the house. We are just sweeping the large yard with the garages when a loud, piercing kikeri kikeri kikeri sounds three times. "I could turn the bastard's collar. It's been like this since 4 a.m.," my mother-in-law grumbles and makes a face like 100 years of rainy weather. I'll try a humorous answer: "That's appropriate for the next Vita Magica - The Rooster is Dead - Life and Work of Ingrid Noll." "Did Mrs. Noll also have a rooster in the neighborhood and killed him?" my mother-in-law wants to know. "Not exactly," I reply. "In this case, the rooster is a vain macho straight out of a picture book." "Is Mrs. Noll successful?" "Oh yes, her books have been translated into 29 languages and some have been made into movies." "Have you known Ingrid Noll for a long time?" "Since she published her first book 'Der Hahn ist tot'. That was over 30 years ago now." The rooster in the neighborhood raises his voice loudly three times in a row and interrupts my lecture. "I am also very grateful to Ingrid Noll for putting us on the book cover of 'Satire is my favorite animal ' were allowed to note: Ingrid Noll - the famous Lady of Crime says: I am always very happy when I read a humorous poem by Wolfgang Hampel." I continue to explain. My mother-in-law frowns: "Why did Mrs. Noll do that? Did you pay her a lot of money for it?" "No, not at all!" I reply truthfully. "Ingrid Noll appreciates good humor and likes the satirical poems! She has made a significant contribution to the fact that the book is very successful to this day. According to Amazon America, 'Satire is my favorite animal' is still one of the 6200 most humorous books after more than 5 years." "But it's not at the top," my mother-in-law states, unimpressed. After this remark I have to think of Ingrid Noll's mother, who after reading 'Der Hahn ist tot' told her daughter that the book was somehow cute. While I scrape the weeds out of the joints, the rooster speaks up again unmistakably. "The obnoxious fellow belongs in the Vienna Woods," my mother-in-law grumbles. By the way, she still praised me very much. "You've cleaned the yard like it's never been. You work really well! You could make real money with that. Give up writing books and Vita Magica. It's just unprofitable art!" After this clear announcement, she cheerfully serves us wonderfully fragrant golden-brown schnitzel and the best potato salad in the world. -------------------------------------- Here's a little poem inspired by Wolfgang Hampel - two-time Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner and author of 'Satire is My Favorite Animal' - one of the most humorous books of all time. It's about laughing and reading, two things that can make us happy.--------------------------------------------- -------------- Laughing and Reading------------------------------------ Laughter and reading are two beautiful things, they can bring us joy and knowledge. Laughter and reading are two good friends, they can comfort and encourage us. Laughter is like medicine for the soul, it drives away sorrow and sadness. Reading is like a journey into the world, it broadens horizons and creativity. Laughter and reading are two powerful weapons, they can help us fight against injustice. Laughter and reading are two noble gifts, they can teach us to appreciate life.