Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Betty MacDonald journey and Congratulations


Brit, congratulations for finding this very special first british edition of one of Betty MacDonald's books.

I bet there are photos of Betty MacDonald and her family we've never seen before.

My wife is a bit angy with me because I'm watching TV for hours and hours.
I can't help  but the Olympics are so exciting and I have to watch every minute..

My favourite Eurovision Song Contest entries this year are Serbia, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.
Family and friends love russian grandmothers but Engelbert deserves much more points.
Even my 13 year old daughter likes the UK entry. Engelbert did a very good job and it's an example for shameful Eurovision Song Contest votings.

Mats, it was very shameful indeed ( especially for me because I'm from Switzerland ) that Swiss jury ignored german entry with magical Lena Valaitis in 1981.
The jury obviously did this because Switzerland with Peter, Sue and Marc and Germany belonged to the favourites.
They thought they might win the Contest but they failed.
It's really sad that Lena Valaitis missed  deserved victory.
Swiss TV received many angry letters from people who complainted that it was totally unfair.

Speaking of unfair Eurovision Song Contest votings there are many of them, especially votings for Italy in 1958, 1959 and United Kingdom in 1968. 

To me Cliff Richard's  Congratulations is the real winner of 1968 and norwegian singer Wencke Myhre who sang german entry  ' Ein Hoch der Liebe ' ( A toast to love) should be second.
Wencke Myhre was wonderful and got many points from UK jury but nothing from her homeland Norway. Isn't that sad? What can you say to this? That's Eurovision.

Congratulations, United Kingdom.
We liked the opening ceremony very much.

I'm very curious to learn who does a very special Betty MacDonald journey at the moment.
I hope to read it in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.

Enjoy yourself and Olmypic games in London. I know you will.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Betty MacDonald Olympic Event London 2012


Stella, the Olympic Games in London are very exciting.

You can meet many Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen fans.

Today I bought a first british edition of one of Betty MacDonald's books.

It includes a report and pictures of Betty MacDonald's life.

I'm so happy that I found this very special copy with these info inside.

You can read my story with photos in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter August 2012.

Wishing you great Olympic Games,


Betty MacDonald Fan Club Honor Member


Mats, we hope you and the other Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans enjoy the Olympic Games in London.

We'll have a special Betty MacDonald Fan Club surprise for you.

A beloved Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member is visiting a very special region right now.
Guess who is and which region I'm talking about. 

No sorry, I don't talk about the Olympic Games in London.

It'll be a very special Betty MacDonald Fan Club  gift.

Good luck dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member.

We are with you in our thoughts.


Betty MacDonald Olympic Games Meeting 2012


Welcome to our Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Games Meeting 2012.

If you are interested in joining us send me an email, please.

You can find my email-address in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter July, Page 1, A.

Wibke I agree. Opening Ceremony was such an unforgettable event.
Yes, Mr. Bond and Queen Elizabeth are unique.

This is our voting:  United Kingdom twelve points!

Bella, Carmen and other Betty MacDonald Eurovision fans: I'd say the UK entry with Engelbert belongs in TOP 5, with Sweden,  United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.
It's a bit sad that history of Eurovision Song Contest has so many very strange results.
We should change it, if we only could.

Beat, I look forward to read your research on the swiss jury who robbed Germany's very charming singer Lena Valaitis the deserved victory. Johnny Blue belongs to my all time favourites.

Have a good time in London,


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Games Meeting London 2012


Dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans from all over the world,

If you visit the Olympic Games in London let us know, please.

Many international Betty MacDonald Fan Club members are there.

( see also Betty MacDonald Fan Cub Newsletter July, Page 1, A )

We liked  the opening ceremony very much.

Mr. Bond and Queen Elizabeth II are a great team.

Enjoy the Olympic Games in London,


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Betty MacDonnald's stove is dancing


A year ago this tragic happened in Norway but the murderer didn' t reach his goal.

As earlier mentioned we remain what we are -  a very liberal and democratic country and we are proud of this.

We enjoyed Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest meeting. What a geat experience!

Bella, speaking of Norway and Eurovision Song Contest Norway was last at this year's Contest behind United Kingdom with poor Engelbert.

I don't want to talk about the norwegian entry which I don't like very much  but my family and I like Engelbert and his song. We can't understand the votings.
Now we have 50% jury and 50 % phone votings and we have such an unfair result.

Bella, there are lots of shameful votings in Eurovision Song Contest history.
I agree with you on Lena Valaitis.
In 1968 excellent norwegian singer Wencke Myhre ( she is one of the best and charming singers ) sang the german entry ' Ein Hoch der Liebe '. ( A Toast To Love )
Composer Horst Jankowski did a very good job.
He had a huge international hit with  A walk through Black Forest.

Wencke Myhre didn't get points from Norway although she got many points from the UK jury.
Wencke was exellent and outstanding  on Eurovision stage in Royal Albert Hall in London.
 I saw the Contest yesterday on YouTube and Wencke deserved to win or got Top three with Spain and United Kingdom.
It's such a shame and I'm very angry.

Bella, the votings aren't fair at all.  I have to tell you that scandinavion countries are very strong in neighbour votings.

I saw a documentary of Eurovision Song Contest that scandinavion countries had been been not very successful until Sweden won with Abba in 1974.

Because of this situation they decided to  support each other very strongly with the votings-
Sweden won 4 and Norway 3 Eurovision Song Contests since that time although Norway has the Eurovision Song Contest record in getting the last place. Denmark won with Olsen brothers.
I like their song very much. Finland won with Lordi. I don't want to say a word about this entry.

My top ten in 2012: Sweden ( although it's a bit strange that 14 international entries had been composed by swedish composers, I ask myself: does other countries have no composers?), Serbia, United Kingdom, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, ( Bella, I agree with you on the Contests in 1958 and 1959. They robbed Italy the victory crown twice) Ukraine and Russia. Did you notice that the russian Gammies only received 11th place from the juries but got second because of lots of phone calls.
I had to laugh too when  their Stove was dancing on stage, by the way Stove wasn't the only one who was dancing during this Contest.

I have several very interesting articles on Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen.
You can read my story in one of the following Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletters.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald document


I adore Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen, Alison Bard Burnett, Monica Sone,  Darsie Beck, Wolfgang Hampel, Letizia Mancino and Gwen Grant.

We have the most wonderful Betty MacDonald honour members.

It means so much fun to be a Betty MacDonald Fan Club member.

Thank you so much for your great work.

We appreciate it very much.

I collect Betty MacDonald items for years and I'll share a Betty MacDonald document in  Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter August.

I hope to receive lots of feedback. Thank you.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Meeting was so entertaining.

I hope to meet you again very soon.

It's  a fact that some countries deserved to win Eurovision Song Contest more often among them  ( I don't say this because I'm italien ) are for example Italy and Germany.

If I see the Eurovision Song Contest of 1958 and 1959 Italy has the best singer and song.
Imagine one of the greatest hits ever ' Volare '  made the third place.
When you hear and see the other entries you can only laugh about this.
The same happend in 1959.

Carmen, 1981 was one of the most shameful votings in  Eurovision Song Contest history ever because Germany's Lena Valaitis got no points from Switzerland although her song Johnny Blue was a huge hit there.
Because of this voting Lena Valaitis lost victory.

Yes, I like Sweden  and Russia ( the russian Gammies  are so funny, even Stove is dancing,  I thought of  Betty MacDonald when I saw it. Betty would laugh about this. Can you remember the german entry with Guildo Horn in 1998, also very funny ), but the UK entry with Engelbert deserves a much better result.

My top ten includes Sweden, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, UK, Poland, Estonia and Latvia

Sunny Bella

Betty MacDonald and morning haters


I was reading Letizia Mancino's story in the morning when I was tired and hated the world.
Can you remember how Betty MacDonald described early morning and the differnent types of morning haters.

I'm such a morning hater person but after reading Letizia Mancino's story the sun is shining and my stomach hurts because of laughing all the time.

When I'm reading  Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books I have the same feelings.

And I love our unique Betty MacDonald Fan Club couple Alison Bard Burnett and Betty MacDonald Fan Club founder Wolfgang Hampel visiting all the Bard family places in Seattle.

It's really great to be with Betty MacDonald's witty sister Alison Bard Burnett and Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel.

We can see how much fun they have.

You can't be in a bad mood with persons like this and you are not a morning hater any more.

Betty MacDonald Eurovision Song Contest meeting was really amazing because so many Betty MacDonald and Eurovision Song Contest fans took part.

Sweden, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and United Kingdom are my favourite entries..

My mother who adores Engelbert for a very long time nearly cried about Engelbert's bad result.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Betty MacDonald or Letizia Mancino


Sina, thank you.

Wonderful news.

A new Betty MacDonald letter. That's great and will make the Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection even more interesting.

Vincent, I agree with the Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans. There is no problem to answer the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest question.

I don't know which story is better written, the one by Letizia Mancino or the one by Betty MacDonald.

Both  are very witty and wise.

Thanks a lot.

I'm a devoted  Eurovision Song Contest fan since childhood.

There are many very good songs who never won Eurovision Song Contest, for example Volare, Congratulations, Eres tu, Johnny Blue, Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein, Bonjour, Bonjour and many, many others.

What I want to say is that sometimes you don't understand the results.

The same thing happened with Engelbert. Great voice, good song and so less points.

I like Sweden, Russia, Serbia but also Ukraine was very good. ( too less points also )


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letizia Mancino's Betty MacDonald essay


Letizia Mancino wrote a very funny Betty MacDonald essay.

I can't remember for a long time that I had to laugh so often while reading.

Letizia Mancio has a gift for writing and a fine sense of humor.

I had no problems answering the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest question.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest Conference 2012 was the best because you could meet so many fascinating people. I made so many new friends there.

Vera, I don't agree. We heard many good songs.

My favourites are the russian Gammy-Group and the outstanding singers from Serbia and Germany.
German singer Roman Lob looks so sweet.

I feel very sorry for Engelbert and United Kingdom because he sang very well.
It's a shame that he only received points from 4 countries.
Nobody knows the reason why.

I'll contribute a Betty MacDonald letter to Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection.


Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest


I'm a huge Mr. Tigerli fan and would like to see pictures of  Camembert and the other members of Letizia Mancino's family.

Reading Letizia Mancino's story means a lot of fun.
Thank you, thank you for writing this for us.

Vincent, it's true you can find a very funny Betty MacDonald letter.
After reading it you know how to find the story in her book.
I don't want to give you any more details because you have info enough to find out and you will.

I was a huge Eurovision Song Contest fan in earlier times but I'm not crazy about it today.
Too many bad songs and most of them sound the same.

A star like Engelbert shouldn't attend a Contest like this.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest is much more interesting.

I hope I'm the winner of one of the prizes. ´


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Betty MacDonald Eurovision Meeting 2012


Vincent, do it please the way Max adviced you.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest Conference was really great.

I hope to receive the special Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest DVD very soon.

I liked the swedish song, but also several other entries.

Max,  I agree. I liked  Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom.

Engelbert's voice is still great and he didn't deserve to be only Nr. 25.

What can you say?

Totally unfair!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Eurovision Song Contest Meeting 2012


Letizia Mancino's Betty MacDonald essay is a golden treasure of wit and laughter.

It would be great if we could see the photos by Prof. Dr. Cremer in a special gallery.

Thank you so much in advance for this.
Vincent, you'll find the answer in Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

I have a special advice for you.

There is a letter in Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection and Betty writes about these experiences.

Betty MacDonald  mentions in this letter book and chapter where she wrote about it.

As you can see it's very easy and you don't have to cut your ear off.

Vincent, it was great to meet you and other friends at the Eurovision Song Contest Meeting 2012.

Sweden was the winner but Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and Italy had been my favourites.

The UK entry wasn't that bad. Engelbert deserved many more points. That wasn't fair at all but that's Eurovision.

Vincent and Betty MacDonald fan club fans, what do you think?

So long,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Betty MacDonald Contest


Vincent, darling don't be such a lazy guy.

You only have to reread Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

It's a real pleasure doing it but as Nicole said: Don't read them in public.

By the way I prefer seeing you with two ears instead of only one.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans, I can't tell you how much I enjoy Letizia Mancino's 'Camembert and I' story.

I love her italian style and charme.

Nicole, it's sad that Marjorie Main never won the Oscar. She was such an excellent actress.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marjorie Main deserved Oscar


Letizia Mancino's experiences are great and we enjoyed it so much.

Thanks a lot for this very special Betty MacDonald Fan Club gift.

I bet Betty MacDonald would have loved this very much as we do today.

Golden laughter and I would say the same as I say about Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books: Don't read Letizia Mancino's  stories in public places because you can't stop laughing all the time.
People around you might think you are crazy.

Vincent, keep cool please.
You can find the answer after reading Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.
While rereading them again in my garden and house ( not in public places)  I enjoyed the mouse search very much.

To me it's not surprising at all that Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel has the most wonderful friends.
You only have to read Wolfgang Hampel's  outstanding Betty MacDonald biography and listen to his Betty MacDonald interviews.

Oh boy, if I listen to Wolfgang Hampel's interviews with Betty MacDonald's magical sister Alison Bard Burnett who toured with Wolfgang throughout Seattle I can't stop laughing about this unique couple.

The Betty MacDonald DVD of these interviews  is even funnier.
I love it.

Again - don't read Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald biography or listen to his Betty MacDonald interviews in public. You already know the reason why.

Vincent, if you aren't able to find the answer, you need either new glasses or I agree with your mother:  You can't see the forest because of too many trees.

Come on, Vincent you don't have to cut your ear off. 
The Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen Contest question isn't difficult at all.
I know of course you'll find it because you are so bright.

Did you hear that Hollywood movie star Celeste Holm passed away on Sunday at the age of 95?

Celeste Holm won the Oscar as supporting actress although Marjorie Main had been nominated as Ma Kettle in The Egg and I in 1947.

I wished Marjorie Main had won the Oscar because she really deserved it.

Marjorie Main is outstanding.



Betty MacDonald The mouse and I


Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Letizia Mancino wrote such a very witty story.

This is golden humor. 

During reading  we had to smile and laugh all the time.

My family and friends are as delighted as so many Betty MacDonald and Letizia Mancino fans worldwide.

Letizia Mancino. Mary Holmes, Prof. Dr. Cremer, thanks a lot for writing and translating the story and the pictures you took which we'd like to see.
Are there any photos of Camembert and our possible future Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, Mr. Tigerli?

We hope so very much.

Mentioning Camembert I have a problem with this - excuse me please - very complicated Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest ' The mouse and I' question.

I can't find anything like this in Betty MacDonald's or Mary Bard Jensen's books.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Dear mother used to say: Poor guy can't see the forest because of too many trees.
Do you know what I mean?

That's what I feel right now.

Vincent ( still with two ears but I'm depressed because of this very difficult Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest question - therefore I'd need your help  )

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Betty MacDonald essay by Letizia Mancino


It's a great pleasure  and joy to present the new Betty MacDonald Essay written by unique Betty MacDonald Fan Club Honor Member, artist and author Letizia Mancino.

Thanks a million dear Letizia Mancino for sharing this very funny and charming story.

It doesn't surprise us at all that Letizia Mancino got so many international fans.
What an outstanding writer and artist!

It has been translated in english language by Mary Holmes.
Dear Mary Holmes we are so grateful for your excellent translation.
Thank you so much.

Letizia Mancino's very supportive husband  Prof. Dr. Christoph Cremer documented it with  photos.
Thanks a Million for this. We hope we'll be able to see the photos some day.

By the way Prof. Dr. Cremer recently celebrated his birthday.
Happy birthday dear Prof. Dr. Cremer and thanks a million for your support.

We are a bit jealous that Betty MacDonald Fan Club founder and Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel has the most wonderful friends.
Lucky Wolfgang Hampel!

As you know  you can win several very interesting prices if you can answer the question of our new Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

Where did Betty MacDonald describe the experiences with her 'Camembert' ?

The answer is easy, isn' t it.

Now read and enjoy!

Many greetings to beloved Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes, Prof. Dr. Cremer, Wolfgang Hampel and  'Mr. Tigerli'!



No more Salamon


The mouse and I

Copyright 2012 by Letizia Mancino
All rights reserved
english translation by Mary Holmes

“No more Salomon? Is Tigerli ill?”
“No Betty, he is fine but I haven’t lain on the sofa for weeks”
“And why?”
"The place is occupied! I have a new guest. I haven’t invited him! He makes an terrible amount of mess for me to clear up! No less than your beloved chickens!”
“So an uncivilized fellow? Tell me, who is he, what’s his name?”
“ Camembert.”
“A Frenchman?”
‘Perhaps! But he could be a German or an Italian. It doesn’t matter! Camembert is a mouse!”
“A mouse? How did he come to you?”
“You’d better ask Tigerli!”
“Is it possible? The Dolcevita cat is also a hunter?”
“Yes, Tigerli brings me many dead mice, Renate has lied to me, Betty: “Never a mouse from Tigerli” she told me. In reality Tigerli presented me not only with this mouse but many more. He must have caught Camembert and now I have Camembert in my studio!”

Betty laughed, “The Mouse and I! Come on Bert!”
"There’s nothing to laugh about, Betty! Recently I wished that I had no cat! Maledetto Tigrellinaccio!”
But Maledetto Tigrellinaccio loves you!”
"Yes, but I don’t have time for painting any more. Tigerli here, Tigerli there! Brush me! Feed me, give me delicious titbits, not this boring food!  Olive oil, café cream, otherwise I will miaow. I will climb on your shoulder and play at Marcus Aurelius (Tigerli is the Emperor, I am the horse! I feel ashamed in front of the neighbours when they see how I carry the cat through the garden!) I am the beloved and the cleaning lady!”
“What an interesting life, Letizia!”
“But now there is this wretched mouse! These two useless animals will be the end of me. If only they laid eggs like your chickens!”
“Don’t exaggerate! There is only one mouse and one cat. I had dozens of them! “Römischenase is troppo schizzinosa” (Roman nose is too fussy).
“You are a strong American, Betty, and I don’t have a Bob for the dirty work like you had!”
 "I would gladly have exchanged Bob for Tigerli! But tell me, how can a cat and a mouse live together?”
“Tigerli and Camembert share my sofa: the cat sleeps on top, the mouse has its store and its toilet on the lower floor. My God, when I discovered it! It was enough to turn one’s stomach! Worse than the geoduk’s schredded meat dumpling! I tell you Betty, only chickens crap as much as mice. They cover metres with it!”
“You should be happy that Camembert has not come into your kitchen!”
"I experienced that two years ago! But that mouse was better organized! It had used the electric socket under my washbasin in the built-in kitchen to pee into. At last there was an explanation for the sudden short in the hot plate!”
“And the solid round bits?”
“As usual it had spread it all over the place, even on my kitchen table! I thought is was caraway seed!”
“That mouse was small and sweet!” But Camembert is big and fat, more than 45%!”
“What do mice eat?”
“Dry cat -food! Tigerli’s bowl is always empty. Imagine, Betty, in the extra bed under the sofa I counted 42 pieces of salmon crackers”.

“Christoph has documented it all scientifically with photos.”
“Perhaps Tigerli delivers the food to the mouse himself!”
“I shouldn’t be surprised!”
“Does Camembert only eat cat food with salmon?”
“He doesn’t seem to like turkey or poultry! The mouse eats like a bear from Alaska: but only salmon and that’s it!”
“Where does the mouse sleep?”
“I don’t know. I’ve only found Camembert’s bed linen on the floor.’
“And what was it?”
“Wrapping paper with a cat motive - torn up into small pieces!”
“This mouse is cheeky!”
“A cat massacre! Christoph has also documented that! Otherwise no-one would believe me!”
“That’s virtual murder! Camembert is a computer mouse!”
“If he was he wouldn’t eat so much, Betty.”
“And what does Tigerli say about this?”
“He must have been in agreement! The mouse is alive and all his rivals are at last as dead as a dodo.”
“ I’m sure, Letizia, that Tigerli has given his cat food to the mouse as a thank you gift!”
"I think it must have been like that! But now I’ve had enough of Camembert. I can’t work for ever as a cleaning lady!”
“How did you catch the mouse?”
“I set up a nice humane mouse trap made out of Perspex- and put cat food in it.”
“The food disappeared immediately – and the mouse – but the flap was still open.”
“Clever mouse!”
“The second time the food had disappeared once more - and the mouse – but the flap was shut!”
“ This mouse is super-intelligent!”

“I believe, Betty, that I am too stupid for this mouse! I now set a normal wire mouse trap as well.”
“I organized the two mouse-traps. In one instead of cat food I put an decaying piece of Camembert cheese. It was really stinky! The mouse went straight into the trap! Dear Betty, I have never seen such a fat mouse. “Hallo, Camembert!” I said to the mouse. “Don’t be frightened! I’ll take you straight to the woods.””
“And Tigerli?”
“Tigerli followed me. I told him to keep away!”
“And he?”
“He miaowed: “My friend, come back soon!””

The End

Letizia Mancino's Betty MacDonald Essay


Nana, thanks a lot for your info.

Many  Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans are visiting the websites several times a day because they want to read Letizia Mancino's new Betty MacDonald essay.
So do I.

I'd love to win an autographed book by Letizia Mancino or a new Betty MacDonald DVD.

Have a nice weekend!


Letizia Mancino's new Betty MacDonald Essay


Hi guys, you don't have to be patient for a long time.

Letizia Mancino's new outstanding Betty MacDonald essay will be published on Betty MacDonald Fan Club Website very soon.

As already mentioned there will a Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest with several very interesing prices to win.

Take part and join us.

We look forward to meet you at the next international Betty MacDonald Fan Club  Conference.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Betty MacDonald Prizes


Robert, you can win the most interesting prices in case you can answer the question.

Don't be afraid it's not too difficult to answer it if you know Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

Among the Betty MacDonald Fan Club contest  prizes are copies of Letizia Mancino's autographed books and Betty MacDonald DVD's.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Betty MacDonald Contest news


Marco, great news.

We are very glad that Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Letizia Mancino is working on a further Betty MacDonald essay.

There is no doubt why Letizia Mancino got so many fans.
Her stories make us laugh because they are very witty and wise. 
I wished I could write like Letizia Mancino.

A new Betty MacDonald contest.
I'll take part. Hopefully the question is not  too difficult.

What can we win?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest


Lukas,  you can read Letizia Mancino's story during this month.

We don't want to tell you at this time what it is about, but you'll enjoy it very much.
Surprise! Surprise!

After publishing Letizia Mancino's Betty MacDonald Essay we ask you a question and you can win several prices.
Sort of a new Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

I was rereading Gammy's and Darsie Bard's letters.
I have the same feelings.
Betty obviously was Gammy's favourite grandchild.

Lukas and Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans, I look forward to meet you at the next Betty MacDonald Fan Club Event.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club project


Nina & Nora, that's a great idea writing about the real persons in Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

Listen to the new fascinating interviews with Wolfgang Hampel and  Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett and other family members, please.
They talk a lot about real persons in Betty's and Mary's books and their info might be very helpful for your Betty MacDonald Fan Club research project.

So many Betty MacDonald Fan Club members are waiting for Letizia Mancino's new Betty MacDonald essay.
What is it about? 
When can we read it?

Reading Gammy's letter do you have the same feelings I have?

Betty was her favourite and it's kind of sad that Gammy died before Betty published her books.

We'll meet each other at the next international Betty MacDonald Fan Club Event.

Wishing you a great summer -  some like it hot - ( I don't )


Betty MacDonald about Mrs. Monday

Nina & Nora:

Pascal, we had to laugh aloud.

We don't like Mondays especially persons like Mrs. Monday.

We know  Betty MacDonald's thoughts while writing her book Nancy and Plum because of several Betty MacDonald letters.

Many greetings to Anita, Eartha Kitt II,  Tom and Peter who supported our research.
We love you!

You can read the stories soon and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Enjoy your Sunday because we don't like Mondays!

All our love to international Betty MacDonald and Nancy and Plum Fan Club fans,

Nina & Nora

Friday, July 6, 2012

Betty MacDonald's Mrs. Monday


Nora, we know you and Nina found the most interesting details.

You mentioned the real persons in Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

I'm so curious if beloved Mrs. Monday was a real person.

By the way I don't like mondays but who does?

Alison Bard Burnett's interviews with Wolfgang Hampel and Gammy's and Darsie Bard's letters and documents are my top favourites.

Umberto, Letizia Mancino is going to write the most wonderful story for Betty MacDonald Fan Club.

How is Mr. Tigerli doing?  I guess he'll be our next Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member.

We shouldn't forget unique Mary Holmes.

Dear ladies and Tigerli, we are very grateful.


Betty MacDonald Fan Club items


Thea, thank you so much for the Betty MacDonald Fan Club updates.

We should include all these fascinating new information from documents and letters ( i really like them so much ) in the Betty MacDonald Fan Club items.

Nina and I did a very successful  research in finding real persons in Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books. 

You can read our stories and experiences in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletters.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club News


I'd like to share some very exciting Betty MacDonald Fan Club news.

Manu, congratulations.

Hanna, I can understand you very well.
I hope you are more interested in the Olympics because they are knocking at the door.....

Doris, thank you so much for your outstanding Betty MacDonald research.
You amaze us all the time.

Ellen, Jonas, Andrea, Martin, Tina and other Maurice Sendak Fans I'll contribute a very interesting picture.
You can see Maurice Sendak and other beloved persons........

We admire Anita & Eartha Kitt II so much  because both are very successful Betty MacDonald Fan Club researcher.
We already mentioned Betty MacDonald's adopted sister Madge. More info will come soon.
Thanks a million, girls!

Umberto, thanks a lot.
Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, artist and author Letizia Mancino is working on a new contribution.

Letizia Mancino has so many fans from all over the world including you and me.

We are going to publish more Wolfgang Hampel interviews.

By the way you can read some of Wolfgang Hampel's new outstanding poems in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.


Gammy's obituary and photos


Guys, don't be angry with me, please but I'm not interested in football at all. To me it's soooo boring.

We have to praise our great Doris. She is a genius and can find the most interesting Betty MacDonald items.

I hope we can see Gammy's obituary and the photos in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter July.
Oh, please. I can't wait to see it.

Thanks a lot dear Doris!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UEFA European Football Championship 2012


Manu, congratulations.

I agree Italy, Germany and Portugal have great teams but Spain deserved to win the Cup.
It's the third victory for Spain within four years.  This never happened before.

Greetings from Mailand ( as you can imagine we are very sad and nobody is dancing in the streets)

Therefore I'd like to  change the subject.

We are delighted to read Betty MacDonald's  and the Bard family letters.

We are huge fans of Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Letizia Mancino.
We admire her art and very witty stories.

We  hope we can read a new story soon.

Take care,


Sunday, July 1, 2012

UEFA European Football Championship 2012


Greetings from Madrid.

We are dancing in the streets.

Spain wins UEFA European Football Championship 2012.

We are so happy.

It's true, Italy, Portugal and Germany have excellent teams but our team is the best.

Your very happy Betty MacDonald Fan Manu

Betty MacDonald's grandmother Gammy


Gammy's and Darsie Bard's letters are the most interesting ones.

I got a very special copy of one of Betty MacDonald's books with Gammy's obiturary and two photos in it.
You can see them in one of the next BettyMacDonald Newsletters.

Wishing you a very nice July and a great summer.