Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to a very special Betty MacDonald Fan, Mrs. Mildred Huehn Schwagerman Mandeville

There are several Betty MacDonald Fans from all over the world who would like to visit our special Betty MacDonald Fan, Seattle and Vashon Island.
What about a Betty MacDonald Meeting?
If you are interested join us, please.

Author Kathleen McCleary is a huge Betty MacDonald Fan

I am indeed a huge Betty MacDonald fan and have all her books (and even her sister's books!)
I discovered Betty MacDonald through a terrific book catalogue (now defunct) called The Common Reader. The descriptions of Betty's books were so intriguing that I ordered The Egg and I and was immediately hooked. I had read all the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books as a child, and read them to my own daughters, and not realized it was the same Betty MacDonald. What I love about Betty's writing are not just her wonderful humor and resilience, but also her deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, which she manages to find everywhere, even in the view out the window of the sanitorium. Her attitude of buoyancy, joy, fun, and hope in even the darkest circumstances is a real inspiration. I also think that she is a very gifted descriptive writer, something that is often lost in the praise for her wit. I could go on and on about Betty. I read her books again and again and smile every time..

Thanks for getting in touch!

Kathleen McCleary

The Egg and Me by Perry Woodfin

The Egg and Me
Copyright by Perry Woodfin

When her name comes up, as it has on occasion,
I reminisce about our only meeting.
We had climbed the long flight to the ferry boat cabin.
We stop suddenly at the top.
A woman is coming down.
Dad and Mom talk with her.
Dad, proud, introduces me, his boy.
Then he tells me, “This is Betty MacDonald.
”To me she’s just a another grown up.
I seem to remember all of that.
I think she had on silk stockings, high heels.
There may also have been white gloves, perfume.
I wonder if I’ve invented all this ?
It’s just a memory, a brief moment in time.
As I said, on occasion it has come up.
Then I turn it over, move it around,
gaining nothing except what is here.
Well, maybe a slight scent of sophistication;
maybe a touch of class.
But have I hatched this too ?
Questions remain as questions always seem to do,
just laying there.
Whenever I catch a ferry and see that high flight,
small memories like this, soar.

Hope you enjoy this.
I like poetry for its more immediate creative outlet (usually).
More immediate than painting, anyway.
The poem describes an incident that occurred in I would guess, about 1950.

Perry Woodfin

Perry Woodfin, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University, and has made a living with his art since 1965. Puget Sound raised, he lives on Whidbey Island 50 miles north of Seattle.

Perry Woodfin:

Even remember being introduced to Betty McDonald of "The Egg and I" fame on one when I was maybe 8-9 years old. Somehow knew it was special. But what isn't on the ferries.

more info about Perry Woodfin's father Don Woodfin