Friday, November 30, 2012

Betty MacDonald fan club news


Jette, it's so sad.

I hope it's only rumour that two of our most beloved Betty MacDonald fan club members passed away.

My heart would break.

Very depressed Greta

Betty MacDonald fan club news


We have some very sad Betty MacDonald fan club news.

Several outstanding Betty MacDonald fan club members are seriously ill.

( see Betty MacDonald fan club Newsletter December, Page 1 )

Let's pray for them and hope for the best.

Jette with very sad and grey November greetings

Monday, November 26, 2012

Betty MacDonald letter


Hi Anita and Anita Kitt II,

it's always interesting to read about your Betty MacDonald procjects.

I'd like to contribute a Betty MacDonald letter. Betty describes in detail her relationship with her pets.

I got a copy of this letter from my english friend and she gave me the permission to share it.

Betty MacDonald's letters are the most important documents.

Do you remember the last sentence in Betty MacDonald's The egg and I?

The hen is the boss.  I'd say it's the cat.

We are so excited to read a new Mr. Tigerli story.

I asked Stine when it'll be published. Stine said  she  had some serious problems with the computer at the moment.

We are going to read Mr. Tigerli's new story soon.

I mention this because I know how many fans unique Mr. Tigerli has.

Be a bit patient, please. Imagine you were  a cat and  hunting a mouse...............

Greetings to Betty MacDonald fan club members, Anita, Eartha Kitt II, Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl.

November isn't a problem even if the weather is so grey...........

Thank you,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald fan club item


Anita & Eartha Kitt II, you are our best Betty MacDonald fan club research team.

We love our two cats and dogs.

We have no dogs like Betty MacDonald's Tudor but our cats are a bit like Eartha and Mr. Tigerli.

That's right, what you wrote: The cat is the boss.

Anita & Eartha Kitt II, we know your new Betty MacDonald fan club item will be fascinating.

It'll be a nice surprise learning more about Mr. Tigerli's exciting activities.

Any news about the russian girl?  Oh please, we would like to know everything.

Have a nice November Sunday with your darling pets,


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Betty MacDonald's cats

Anita & Eartha Kitt II:

I hope you'll enjoy my next  Betty MacDonald fan club story about Betty MacDonald's cats.

Petronella, Eartha and I are looking forward to read your Betty MacDonald essay about Christmas.

I can feel that Eartha is a bit jealous of Mr. Tigerli's russian girl.

Eartha gives me a very cold look after I finished this sentence.
Excuse me, Eartha darling I won't do it again.

Mr. Tigerli we are so curious to read your new story.

Do you think this is true?  I do!
Dictators like dogs, artists prefer cats.

You can't educate a cat, they educate us.

I know Eartha Kitt II and Mr. Tigerli agree with me.
Betty MacDonald's dog Tudor won't.

Sunny November greetings,

Anita & Eartha Kitt II

Friday, November 23, 2012

Betty MacDonald's Christmas


Bea and Yaroslav, I'd like to join Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen  fan club research team.

My mother sent several letters to Betty MacDonald and her sister Mary Bard Jensen.

As Christmas was always very important in our family mother wanted to know everything about Christmas celebration in the Bard family.

Mother got very interesting letters and photos from Betty and Mary.

You can see really huge  Christmas trees, decoration, family, gifts, cards and much more.

Our family loves Christmas as much as Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen and Alison Bard Burnett.

We adore the delightful Christmas stories Alison Bard Burnett shares in her interviews with Wolfgang Hampel.

Sister Dede is wonderful in Alison Bard Burnett's  memories.

Don't laugh about me, please.

I know very well  I shouldn't talk so much about Christmas in November  but I have to tell you some golden Christmas stories in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter December.

I wonder what sort of Christmas Mr. Tigerli has?

Is Mr. Tigerli sitting with his russian girl under the Christmas tree?

All the best,


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Betty MacDonald Collection


My grandmother owns a great Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen collection.

There are letters of Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen with family pictures in it.

You can read my Betty MacDonald article in Betty MacDonald fan club Newsletter December.

My family, friends and I are  huge Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen, Alison Bard Burnett, Wolfgang Hampel and Mr. Tigerli fans.

Hoping Mr. Tigerli takes care for his russian girl. 

Viola let's sail away to find new treasures every day.

As Barack Obama says: Yes we can and we will!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Having no problems with grey November,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Betty MacDonald's joyful life


Pascal,   this Betty MacDonald letter will be very important for the future research.

Thank you.

Katrine, I love these poetic descriptions of childhood.

                             As adults we should do the very same:

                          Let's sail away to find new treasures every day

It's very simple and true.  This is the motto of our big family.

We are acting this way.

My sisters and I  are writing plays and every family member has a role.

We have lots of fun doing this.

Betty MacDonald liked every day life and did the very same.

I'm convinced  that's the secret of having a joyful and exciting life.

Although some rather  negative bores won't believe it:  There is something new under the sun every day and it's such a magical moment and happy feeling  to find it.

I know Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl had many exciting adventures in the meantime.

Mr. Tigerli, share them with us, please.

We have a very sunny November day and I'll work in our garden.

J'aime la vie.

Take care,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Betty MacDonald's life in photos


Pascal, thank you for your contribution.

Reading this very special Betty MacDonald letter about her favourite authors and books will be fascinatiing as always.

The Betty MacDonald fan club research team with Doris, Frank, Maria, Robert and me is working on Betty MacDonald's life in photos.

You can see some of Betty MacDonald's, Mary Bard Jensen's and  Alison Bard Burnett's  family members for the very first time even beloved Gammy and Betty MacDonald's famous dog Tudor.

I have to laugh all the time while reading Wolfgang Hampel's very witty poems in the morning.
Although I'm still rather tired and I dislike November  it makes my day.

You have to know I'm what Betty MacDonald described as morning hater.

My love to Betty MacDonald fan club fans, Wolfgang Hampel, Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl,


Monday, November 19, 2012

Betty MacDonald's favourite authors


I'll share a letter by Betty MacDonald.

Betty MacDonald writes about her favourite authors and books.

Katrine, the author you mentioned is Karel Capek.

Karel Capek is one of my favourite writers.

When will Mr. Tigerli share his new adventures?

Have a nice November with your favourite authors and books for example by Betty MacDonald and Karel Capek,


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Betty MacDonald and Mr. Tigerli


Katrine, Betty MacDonald fan club fans, old and new ones, you'll be able to read some of Mr. Tigerli's new experiences very soon.

We recently got the update that Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mary Holmes did an excellent translation.

Thank you so much dear Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli for sharing another very funny story!

Katrine, I'm very sorry but I don't know the author you mentioned.
It sounds very poetic and true.
Childhood is so exciting because we are sailing away every day to find new treasures.
Sounds a bit like Mr. Piggle-Wiggle the pirate husband of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.
We should ask Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle if she has a cure against very grey, old, cold and rainy November.
In fact we don't have to ask Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle because for Betty MacDonald fan club fans November isn't boring at all.

There are so many reasons to laugh and to be happy every day even in November. You only have to try.

I was in a bad mood today but after reading some of Wolfgang Hampel's unique satirical firework I can't stop laughing.

The same miracle always happens while listening to Wolfgang Hampel and Betty MacDonald's beloved sister Alison Bard Burnett. Both are too funny and you'll forget very grey November in a minute.

It's like golden sunshine even on a very grey, old, cold and rainy November day.

Wishing you a very cozy home instead of staying on a chicken ranch in the mountains,


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Betty MacDonald's treasures


Olexander, I love Abba so much and their song THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL fits very well to Barack Obama's great victory.

Pieter, it's true. Betty MacDonald is Nr. 1 in this country in 2012.
We aren't talking about the past.

I'm very happy after joining Betty MacDonald fan club.

The international Betty MacDonald fan club meetings are very well organized and you can find so many new Betty MacDonald fans in 40 countries around the world.

We can be so proud of the very successful  Betty MacDonald fan club research teams.

I'd like to talk about  this Betty MacDonald fan club running gag very often mentioned here on Betty MacDonald fan club blog:

There is nothing new under the sun after all those years.

It's the opposite.
Betty MacDonald fan club research teams recently found the most important and interesting Betty MacDonald fan club items in our history.

Imagine, it happened after all those years.

A famous writer said ( I can't remember the name right now, perhaps you  know it ):

Every day in childhood was exciting because we sailed away to find new treasures.
Adults don't feel this way.

I won't say this.

I know many adults who try to find new treasures every day.

                                 I belong to this group.

Although there are so many bores in the world for example this person  - who ever it might be -  who wrote this running Betty MacDonald fan club gag but seriously believes it's true, Betty MacDonald would call this person a terrible bore and I'd  agree
( remember Alison Bard Burnett and Wolfgang Hampel in Betty MacDonald interviews ),  there is also lots of imagination, creativity, activity and optimism  in the world.

Betty MacDonald, Monica Sone, Alison Bard Burnett, Wolfgang Hampel,  Gwen Grant, Letizia Mancino, Darsie Beck, Mary Holmes, Mr. Tigerli  and many of the Betty MacDonald fan club members are the best examples for this.

Therefore we won't ever say: Oh dear, it's such a very grey and boring November day.

We won't have any boring days because Betty MacDonald fan club is the opposite of boring.

Betty MacDonald fan club members are very active - especially our Betty MacDonald fan club honor members.

Mr. Tigerli, I have to say you are bit slowly in these days because we are waiting for your new very exciting treasure stories quiete a time. ( but of course  I'd like to be patient  because I adore your golden stories so much )

A huge Betty MacDonald and Mr. Tigerli fan


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Betty MacDonald most popular writer


I guess Betty MacDonald would like Barack Obama's re-election very much.

I remember this very beautiful Abba song: The winner takes it all!

Dear Pieter, Olof is talking about 2012.

Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I is the most popular book in this country.
No chance for Harry Potter!

In case you don't find the answer you might ask Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli.

Mr. Tigerli and the russian girl will support you.

Betty MacDonald's letters are as excellent as her books.

Our other favourites are Wolfgang Hampel's adorable poems.

Reading Betty MacDonald's funny  letters and Wolfgang Hampel's witty poems you have golden laughter all the time.

Thanks a lot for this gift, guys.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I Nr. 1


Karlis, I just heard Barack Obama is also the winner in Florida.

We are very happy about  Barack Obama's  great result.

I was very glad to hear that Betty MacDonald supported the Democrats.

The Betty MacDonald letters describing her political statements are fascinating.

I adore this very intelligent lady so much.

Betty MacDonald's books aren't dated and so are her letters.

Betty MacDonald is very popular all over the world but I  have a problem with Olof's question.

Olof mentioned that Betty MacDonald's book The Egg and I is the most  popular book  in this country.

About which time frame is Olof  talking about?

Dear Olof and Betty MacDonald fan club fans thanks a lot for your information.

When will the new Mr. Tigerli essays be available?

Perhaps Mr. Tigerli and the russian girl can help me to find the answer.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Betty MacDonald's political debates


Malte, Frida, we are happy indeed.

Barack Obama deserves four more years.

Frida, Lisa, best wishes for your work.

It's certainly very interesting to read a story about the political debates in the Bard family.

I'm not surprised at all that Betty MacDonald supported the Democrats.

I'm  rather amazed that she was the only one in the family.

Thinking of Mr. Tigerli  I ask myself:  Is he a Democrat or Republican?

I know our beloved very bright Betty MacDonald fan club honor member will give us an answer.

What does the russian girl think?

Forgive me please for asking so many questions but I'm so curious to know ....................

Have a happy day,


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Betty MacDonald supported Democratic Party


Malte, very good news that Barack Obama has been re-elected.

I agree Betty MacDonald would have been delighted.

Researching Betty MacDonald's letters it seems Betty MacDonald was the only supporter of the Democratic Party in the Bard family.

I'm working with Lisa on a report about this.

I heard we can read new Mr. Tigerli stories soon.

I'm very happy about these news.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barack Obama and Betty MacDonald


My family and friends are very glad.

Barack Obama has been re-elected.

Betty MacDonald would be very happy.

As we can read in several Betty MacDonald letters she supported the Democratic Party.

A good day for America and the world,


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Betty MacDonald successful all over the world


Nora, thank you very much for sharing the link.

Bring back Betty MacDonald is very well written but in fact we don't have to bring back Betty MacDonald.

Betty MacDonald is very popular in many countries.

There is a country where Betty MacDonald is extremely successful.
THE EGG AND I  is the most popular book ever in  this country although there are so many  Harry Potter books. What do you think? It's true.
Do you have any idea about which country I'm talking about?

If you know the answer send a mail to my account, please ( see Betty MacDonald fan club Newsletter November Page 1 ) and you'll receive a special Betty MacDonald fan club surprise.

Dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans, good luck.

The answer isn't too difficult.

I'm sure very clever Mr. Tigerli knows it.

Hopefully Mr. Tigerli's new exciting stories will come soon.

We could need some sunshine in our hearts because of very grey November.

Mr. Tigerli hurry up, please.  Don't let us wait  too long. Thanks a lot.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Bring back Betty MacDonald


that's the mentioned Betty MacDonald  link.




Back to Betty MacDonald


Jacoba, we hope to meet you in person.

I'm very interested in reading the international Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen reviews.

I'd like to share a link to a blog

Back to Betty MacDonald

I don't like Mondays especially if we have typical November weather.

I enjoyed my wonderful bed and hated to go up.

When can we read new very witty experiences of beloved Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl?

Anyway - have a good time,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Betty MacDonald letter about Robert Eugene Heskett


Jacoba you can read in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter November a letter by Betty MacDonald describing all the difficulties of her marriage with Robert Eugene Heskett.

Thank you so much for your contribution.

It'll be great to read some international reviews of Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

I'm rereading Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I and the weather perfectly fits in the depressing November scene.

November in the woods on a chicken ranch? Never!  I would have left within a minute!

I'm sitting in the living room without a big fire but with Betty MacDonald's book The Egg and I in my hand.

Wishing you, Mr. Tigerli and the russian girl a nice Sunday,


Reviews of Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books


Marie, thank you so much for your very warm welcome and  kind advice.

This Egg and I review and Linde Lund's comments are very interesting.

I didn't know that Betty MacDonald's marriage with Robert Eugene Heskett was so  difficult and complicated.

I can understand the reason why Betty MacDonald left her husband in 1931 and never mentioned him again.

I'll contribute a collection of international reviews and articles  of Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

I hope they will make an interesting read.

I appreciate your great work.

I don't like Mondays and November.

My love to Betty MacDonald fan club members and Mr. Tigerli,


Betty MacDonald's marriage with Robert Eugene Heskett


Dearest Jacoba welcome to Betty MacDonald fan club!

You mentioned that readers today have problems with the way Betty MacDonald described the indians.

That's a very serious and important subject.

For more info read this blog, please:

Christmas 1927  Betty MacDonald

This review is very interesting.

Don't miss Linde Lund's comments, please.

November wasn't Betty MacDonald's favourite month and I agree.

I don't like it when the sky is grey.
It's raining all the time and there are no blooming flowers and singing birds.

Because of this I wish you a cozy home with a big fire in the living room and a good book to read.

Hoping very cute Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli enjoyes a very cozy home with a big fire in the living room and not to forget  his russian girl.

Mr. Tigerli deserves the best.