Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald's letters and documents


I was rereading Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew.

Ella and Rena, we  agree with Betty MacDonald.

We have the same kitchen experiences like Betty MacDonald  with our dear husbands.

I'm going to visit Mr. Tigerli's website to chamge my mind.


Really cute!

Betty MacDonald fan club collection is growing.

We can learn more about gifted writer Betty MacDonald and her family every day.

Several Betty MacDonald fans donated the most interesting documents and letters.

Thank you so much for this outstanding support.

What about a  Betty MacDonald documentary with new interviews,  photos, documents and many more information?

We can do it because there is lots of fascinating material available.

We hope some more Betty MacDonald interviews by Wolfgang Hampel will be published in the future.


The Betty MacDonald fan club  DVD with Betty MacDonald's wonderful sister Alison Bard Burnett and very witty Wolfgang Hampel visiting the Bard house near Roosevelt High School is outstanding.


You can see all the rooms and  the yard.  

Alison Bard Burnett describes house and rooms and shares many delightful family stories.
What an unique document!

Delightful Alison Bard Burnett and Wolfgang Hampel had so much fun doing this.

Although we have this treasure DVD it's  really depressing and very, very sad  ( much, much more sad than our kitchen experiences ) that the Bard house had been demolished.
If you ask me Mr. Tigerli should crawl them for this.
I'm really sad and angry and I know I'm not the only one.

Seattle and Washington State should honor a gifted writer like Betty MacDonald but it seems reality looks different.

Let's change the subject. I don't want to cry.

We'll have a new Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest in October.

You can win the most interestng Betty MacDonald prices and Lasse won't win this time.
OK, Lasse?

Take part, please.

You'll receive the info soon.

As devoted Letizia Mancino and Mr. Tigerli fans we can't wait to read Letizia Mancino's outstanding Betty MacDonald experiences.



Monday, September 24, 2012

New Betty MacDonald Fan Club Items


We have a huge Betty MacDonald Fan Club surprise for you.

Very important new items for our Betty MacDonald Fan Club Collection.

You can read the fascinating story in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter October.

Yes, indeed dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans!
There is always something new under the sun. You only have to find it.

Poor Ella, I have the same experiences and can understand your situation very well.

What can we do?

Perhaps Mr. Tigeli or ' new Betty MacDonald  from Italy '  knows the answer.

Betty MacDonald's grandmother Gammy would say: Men are pigs. Don't allow them to go to the kitchen.

But I doubt we can act so strict.  No we can't because we don't hate men the way Gammy did.
In fact we like men. Excuse us, Gammy!

My Eurovison Top voting:  Sweden, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, UK , Russia, Poland, France, Latvia  and Spain.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew


We enjoy Mr. Tigerli's website very much:


Thomas I don't know what Mr. Tigerli or Letizia Mancino say to this.

I agree with Betty MacDonald and Betty MacDonald fan Elizabeth.

Men and women are very different but nevertheless we need each other.

I have to laugh when I'm reading Betty MacDonald's descriptions of her beloved but rather strange husband Donald MacDonald in ONIONS IN THE STEW.

My second husband Paul ( much better than my very strange first one was ) is a wonderful man but you should see our kitchen after Paul wass cooking.

It looks like a battlefield and I have to work for hours and hours after such an event.

Paul is an ecxcellent cook and I really  enjoy his cooking results but I'm very much afraid when Paul says: Ella, darling I have a huge surprise for you. I'll be the cook today.


Thomas I don't want to add anything more.

It's true what Betty MacDonald tells us in ONIONS IN THE STEW.
Don and Paul's behaviour is typical man.

After all I agree with your Eurovision votes.

Ukraine should be the winner. Sweden, Germany, Russia, Latvia and UK are my other favourites.

Thomas I have to go back to our kitchen now.

What a mess!

Paul was cooking yesterday..............................


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Betty MacDonald's men and women


My dear Hans I know you very well.

Because of this if you ask me  you could be this Hans in Betty MacDonald's Anybody can do anything.

Although we have a very good marriage ( I would say this til yesterday ) my beloved  wife suddenly said:

Men and women can't live together. They are too different.

I gave my darling a very strange look and asked her:  Honey, what are you talking about?

She answered:  Thomas, dear read this what Betty MacDonald wrote about the subject and you'll know.


Betty MacDonald fan Elizabeth wrote: Sooooo much truth. It's killing me.

Come on Betty MacDonald fan club fans, I'm awaiting your feedback.

Is this true what BettyMacDonald wrote about it?

What about Mr. Tigerli?

Perhaps he or our italian Betty MacDonald, Letizia Mancino can help me to find the answer.

I'd love to ask our beloved eurovision russian grandmothers this question.

See my Eurovison votes at: http://bettymacdonaldforum.blogspot.com


Friday, September 14, 2012

Betty MacDonald's friend Hans


Wenche, thank you so much for your very interesting Betty MacDonald information.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club fan Laura described Betty MacDonald's experiences with  'dirty'  Hans.

Believe me, I'm not  'dirty'  Hans from  Betty MacDonald's Anybody can do anything and I'm sure it wasn't Laura's husband.


I'm cooperating  with Peter and Beat on a new Betty MacDonald Fan Club item entitled

                   The truth of Betty MacDonald's friend Hans

So you can imagine I had to smile when I was reading the story in Laura's Blog.

Wenche, I guess Sunny would be the perfect lover for Mr. Tigerli.

Good luck!

My Eurovision Top 3: Ukraine, Germany and Sweden.

If you are an Eurovision fan you can find my Top 10  votes here:


As you can see I also adore our beloved russian Gammies.
My two young daughters are huge fans of them and we hear them every day.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Betty MacDonald in Washington State


Daniel & Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Paralympics Meeting in London was outstanding.

I was very impressed because I wasn't familiar with the fact that Monica Sone has so many fans.


Monica Sone memorial was very touching.

Monica Sone's book NISEI DAUGHTER belongs to very less books I'm rereading from time to time because it's very human, witty and wise.

We miss our wonderful first Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member so much because our world needs personalities like Monica Sone.


I look forward to see the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Paralympics DVD.

Beloved Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, author and artist Letizia Mancino, our so called 'italian Betty',  visited the state of Washington.
We'd love to read the story of her Betty MacDonald journey.

I felt very sad when I could read that Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's house near Roosevelt High School in Seattle has been demolished.

Is the DVD with Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel and Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett visiting this house already available?

Wolfgang Hampel and Alison Bard Burnett are our favourites.



We adore them so much. Both are very funny.

Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen should be honored in Washington State and Seattle.


Especially Betty MacDonald did such a great job in describing the region and nature there.

Many writers and artists moved to Seattle and Washington State after reading Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's  books.


Greta and I  did an extensive research about this subject. 
The amazing  result will be published in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter October.

By the way a Betty MacDonald fan wanted  to see Betty MacDonald's best friend STOVE.
No problem. Visit this site, please and you'll see STOVE and other historical pictures.


What's about our new Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, famous Mr. Tigerli?

We are visiting Mr. Tigerli's new website quiete often because Sunny fell madly in love with Mr. Tigerli.


I wonder whether poor Sunny has a chance.  You have to know Sunny is a  lady.

Perhaps Letizia Mancino or Mr. Tigerli could send us an answer.


It's  really urgent.  Thank you so much.

With much love and miaaaaauuuuuuuu,

Wenche  & Sunny

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Paralympics London 2012


The greatest Paralympic games ever are over.

We wished we could stay longer. 

Thank you so much London!

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club  Paralympics DVD will be available in two weeks.

Monica Sone memorial was very touching because so many international Monica Sone and Betty MacDonald  fans joined us.

First Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Monica Sone passed away a year ago.

Monica Sone  lives on in her very important book NISEI DAUGHTER and described as Kimi in Betty MacDonald's book THE PLAGUE AND I.

You can find many Monica Sone info in Betty MacDonald Newsletter September.

Your huge Betty MacDonald, Monica Sone and Paralympics fan,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monica Sone Memorial in London


It's a sad day today.

Beloved first Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Monica Sone passed away a year ago.

Monica Sone, author of Nisei Daughter and Betty MacDonald's friend, described as Kimi in Betty MacDonald's THE PLAGUE AND I is unforgettable.

Monica Sone lives on in the hearts of her family, friends and so many Monica Sone and Betty MacDonald fans around the world.


Monica Sone and Betty MacDonald fans are going to meet each other at the Paralympics in London today to celebrate a special Monica Sone Memorial.

Monica Sone was unique.

We will never forget Monica.

All our love to Moncica Sone's family, friends aand fans,


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Betty MacDonald's friends and enemies


Greta, thanks a lot.

I'm very lucky  to win Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

The question was rather easy.

You can find the answer in Onions in the Stew, Chapter IX, Other friends and enemies.
Betty MacDonald was very sad when the mouse died. She felt rather guilty but  husband Donald MacDonald was the killer with a mouse trap.

Letizia Mancino's experiences with the mouse is very witty and there even is a Happy End.
Family and friends love it.

Greta, that's right.. There is only one thing we dislike.

Our new Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Mr. Tigerli should have  a better lover than his current  'friend'. We feel kind of sorry for him.

There are very important actions like FREE PUSSY RIOT  and we support this very much.

There should be also an action  BETTER LOVER FOR MR. TIGERLI.

We hope Letizia Mancino and her husband enjoyed the stay in Washington State very much.
We can't wait to read more about their experiences.
Thanks a lot.

Many greetings to  Betty MacDonald fans in London. Enjoy the Paralympics. Guys,  I know you will rock London! I wished I could join you.

I got a mail from London that Ben found a very interesting copy of  Mary Bard Jensen's book Forty odd. If you are lucky enough you can find the most important items.

Ben is writing a report for Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.

Wolfgang Hampel's poems will continue to delight Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans around the world as he does with his unique Betty MacDonald interviews and biographies.

What about the new Eva Vargas project?


Monday, September 3, 2012

Betty MacDonald Paralympics Meeting London 2012


Hi folks,

I know you enjoyed Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting in London very much.

I heard the Betty MacDonald Olympic  DVD is great.

Many greetings from Betty MacDonald Paralympics Meeting London 2012, the greatest Paralympics ever.

There are several Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans here and we had an international meeting yesterday.

You can read several reports in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter September about our stay and activities  in London.

It's an unforgettable life experience to be here.

Lasse, congratulations for winning the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

All our love to Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli who deserves a better lover.
What a story and we enjoy the photos very much.

We can't wait to read the new satirical poems by Wolfgang Hampel who started Betty MacDonald Fan Club in 1983 with four members.

There are Betty MacDonald Fan Club members in 40 countries now and some of them joined us in London.

May the best win and believe me, we have such a great time here.

We all should support FREE PUSSY RIOT actions.
( see our report FREE PUSSY RIOT in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter September )


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mr. Tigerli and Pussy Riot


How are you, guys?

Lasse won Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

The answer wasn't difficult and Lasse found  Betty MacDonald's experiences with a mouse in  Onions in the stew.

More info during this week.

Letizia Mancino visited with her husband Washington State. 

That's very good to hear and we hope Letizia Mancino will share some of her very funny stories.

Thanks a lot for creating this great website showing Mr. Tigerli  and his close friend.

I guess Mr. Tigerli has this special relationship because Letizia Mancino is much more interested in good art and  literature.

Poor Mr. Tigerli. It's a shame, isn't it. What do you think?

By the way I'm convinced the described FREE PUSSY RIOT  activities are outstanding and we should support these very brave groups.  ( Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter September 2011)

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel is going to share some of his new very satirical poems.

So many Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans enjoy them so much and asked for more.