Thursday, April 7, 2022

Wiretapped: Russians radio about their murders in Ukraine

Berlin courier Wiretapped: Russians radio about their murders in Ukraine GL/dpa - 42 minutes ago The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) seems to know exactly what is happening with Russian troops in Ukraine - including the war crimes against the civilian population. As Der Spiegel reports, corresponding Russian radio traffic was intercepted and recorded. According to the report, the German foreign intelligence service intercepted radio messages from the Russian military talking about the murders of Ukrainians in Bucha. Individual radio conversations are so detailed that they can be assigned to bodies found after the Russian withdrawal from the small town near Kyiv. For example, one soldier is said to have reported to another over the radio how he and his comrades had shot a person off a bicycle. The image of the dead man, who had apparently been left lying around for weeks, went around the world. Another radio message reportedly said that captured Ukrainian soldiers were first questioned and then shot. According to Spiegel, the BND has communicated its findings to the responsible parliamentarians. They should also prove that mercenaries from the Russian military company "Wagner Group" played a key role in the slaughter. According to various sources, there are now increasing indications that massacres of civilians are becoming a desirable part of Russian warfare in order to break their morale and resistance. A former Ukrainian interior minister reported that eleven civilians had been found dead in a garage in Hostomel, shot by Russian soldiers. The place north-west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with its military airport was one of the first targets of the Russian invasion and was hotly contested. After the Russians' hasty retreat, the local Ukrainian military administration said on Tuesday that 400 residents were missing and that they were now searching basements. More horrors are expected to be discovered in the town of Borodyanka, less than 40 kilometers northwest of Kyiv. It will probably not be possible to clarify what happened in the largely destroyed city of Mariupol on the Azov Sea, which has been besieged and fought over for weeks and has continued to do so. In addition to well-known crimes such as the shelling of a maternity clinic and the bombing of a theater full of people seeking protection in the basement, there are voices who fear particular bestial attacks on the civilian population there by Chechen groups allied with Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke of thousands missing across the country. His government has meanwhile asked people in the east of the country to flee west as quickly as possible. A renewed Russian offensive is expected, especially in the Donbass. Russian troops withdrawn after their collapse in the north are said to have been shipped east. Ukraine is therefore demanding further support with weapons and stricter sanctions against Russia. In this context, the Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk had another argument with Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD). She had stated that Ukraine insisted on secrecy regarding German arms deliveries. Melnyk reacted in an ARD talk show like this: "That's not true. That is the line the minister has chosen.” Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) said at NATO consultations in Brussels that the alliance would take care of increased, better coordinated arms deliveries.