Saturday, April 30, 2022

So Boris Becker accepted the verdict

So Boris Becker accepted the verdict Redaktion - 48 min. Boris Becker: Serious expression & tubs in Wimbledon colors: So he goes side by side with his purple to the court Boris Becker (54) bloomed up to seven years in prison, and ultimately it became two and a half. With good leadership, half of the punishment can be suspended. However, the way to today's judgment in the courtroom of the London Southwark Crown Court was longer than expected. Both the indictment and defense have once again discussed the details of the case intensively and explained the reasons why the former Wimbledon winner earns a prison sentence-or not. Prosecutor about judgment: It should be daunting for other celebrities It seemed particularly important to the indictment that the judgment has a deterrent, so that famous people had no milder punishments due to their awareness in the future. And even Boris Becker's lawyer said that it was inevitable that there would be a prison sentence. "But I ask her to be exposed to the probation for a maximum of two years," said the defender to judge Deborah Taylor. It was finally official at 4:45 p.m. German time: Boris Becker is to be arrested to the Wandsworth prison in southern London for two and a half years. There should be free access for Becker after two months. Our London correspondent Tina Werkmann was sitting in the courtroom when the verdict was spoken. Boris Becker came to the dish with a packed bag Around 12.30 p.m. Boris Becker arrived in front of the court this Friday afternoon. Hand in hand with partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (in innocent white) he ran past the reporters and photographers. He seemed strikingly calmly, even if he obviously expected a prison sentence. Because he had brought a packed bag directly.