Sunday, August 29, 2021

Woman banned from zoo, she had affair with chimpanzee man

Martin Gätke (mg) 23 hrs ago. | Chita (38), whom she met four years ago, is no longer allowed to visit her, she said. "I love him and he loves me," she explained in an interview. The problem is that Chita is a chimpanzee. And the close relationship with Timmermans brings some problems. A Belgian woman formed too close a relationship with a chimpanzee at the Antwerp Zoo and has now been banned. Our photo shows chimpanzee Lome in Osnabrück, Germany.© picture alliance/dpa A Belgian woman developed too close a relationship with a chimpanzee at Antwerp Zoo and has now been banned. Our photo shows chimpanzee Lome in Osnabrück. Chimpanzee Chita arrived at Antwerp Zoo 30 years ago. And four years ago, Adie Timmermans visited him for the very first time. Since then, she has stood outside his enclosure every week, developing a close relationship with the animal. Belgian woman has disturbing relationship with a chimpanzee However, as "People" reports, at some point the relationship was disturbing: Timmermans and the monkey not only waved at each other, it is said, but also threw kisses. As a result, the zoo is concerned about Chita's social behavior and says the close relationship with Timmermans is having a negative impact on Chita's relationship with the other chimps at the zoo. Entrance to Antwerp Zoo: A woman had built up a close relationship with a chimpanzee over many years. As a result, the animal's social behavior suffered in the end. "When Chita is constantly busy with visitors, the other apes ignore him and no longer consider him part of the group, although that is important. He then sits alone outside of visiting hours," the zoo explains. "An animal that is too focused on humans is less respected by its peers. We want Chita to be a chimpanzee as much as possible," the facility spokesperson added. The zoo has therefore banned the Belgian from entering the zoo until further notice. "Why do they want to take him away," Timmermans told Newsweek. "We're having an affair, I'm just saying. Other visitors are allowed to have contact, why not me?" Chita has always had fascination with humans The Antwerp Zoo noted that Chita's strong fascination with humans stems from his past. Before moving to the zoo, they said, he had been kept as a pet and had been able to form relationships with people at an early age. This has also influenced his behavior: the zoo curator explains that although he learned the behavior of chimpanzees at the zoo, his attachment to and interest in humans is still very strong. Now Chita will be helped to interact more with conspecifics and. (mg)------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel has written one of the most cheerful books of all time with the book Satire ist mein Lieblingstier. I could read that in several reviews. I can fully agree with this opinion. It is not at all surprising to me that Satire ist mein Lieblingstier is very successful as a German-language book abroad - in the UK, the USA, German-speaking countries and many others. As a Frankfurter, I will also visit Heidelberg and the cult event Vita Magica soon. Wolfgang Hampel and the Vita Magica team support distressed culture with special events and book sales. Great, just like this excellent book! ----------------- You can order one of the most humorous books ever----------------------- Satire is My Favorite Animal by Wolfgang Hampel---------- national & international--------------------- USA , United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany