Sunday, August 29, 2021

Great video: Loriot and the egg

Great video: Loriot and the egg Betty MacDonald fan club fans, we hope you'll enjoy this great video: Loriot and the egg. Many greetings from Astrid, Linde, Greta, Lund family, Angelika & Wolfgang ------------------------------------------------------------------ Satire is my favourite animal by Wolfgang Hampel conjures up laughter on everyone's face. I tried it out on a somewhat serious friend whom I very rarely see smiling. Satire is My Favourite Animal by Wolfgang Hampel works wonders and I have never seen my friend so cheerful. I hope the author writes a new book soon, because this reading material is addictive - especially in times like these. You can order one of the most humorous books ever----------------------- Satire is my favourite animal by Wolfgang Hampel:------------- national & international--------------------- USA , United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany, Hungary, Japan , Japan, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 television programme HERZSCHLAG-MOMENTE on Saturday, 3 August 2019, at 9:50 pm.