Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Drunk driving of a deputy

dpa 7 hrs ago. The drunk driving of a Berlin AfD deputy has led to a conflict between the Berlin House of Representatives (AGH) and the Berlin public prosecutor's office. The politician had been driving drunk in March and got into a police checkpoint. As a spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor's office said on Tuesday, they had subsequently enforced a penalty order against the MP. This was not correct from the point of view of the House of Representatives, however, because their immunity had not yet been lifted. As the "Tagesspiegel" (Tuesday) reported, the House of Representatives protested against this. A spokesman for the House of Representatives said on Tuesday in response to a request that the state parliament does not comment on immunity matters in principle and therefore not on this case. The speaker of the public prosecutor's office said, it was about the different interpretation of legal regulations. That is what the conflict had been about, he said. "The House of Representatives saw it that way, we see it differently." He did not comment on details. The AGH spokesman also did not want to confirm that on Wednesday the legal committee will discuss the lifting of the immunity of the AfD deputies. However, on the agenda is the "request for a decision on the lifting of immunity of a member of the House of Representatives to enable the conduct of criminal proceedings before the district court Tiergarten." The Berlin AfD faction published already last Thursday a statement of the affected MPs, among other things, on Twitter. In it, Jeanette Auricht admitted to have driven a car on March 4 in Biesdorf with 0.89 per mille alcohol in the blood, as the police had determined during a routine check. "A police doctor did not certify any unfitness to drive. Nevertheless, there is without question a misconduct, for which I apologize and whose consequences I will of course bear," the statement said. The fact that the incident is now being brought into the public eye in the run-up to the elections to the House of Representatives at the end of September is an "election tactical instrumentalization of the incident," Auricht criticized. "This game is cheap and transparent and reveals the methodology of our opponents to want to damage the AfD for lack of substantive arguments with sleight of hand."