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Why doesn't Merkel help Laschet?

Why doesn't Merkel help Laschet? Thomas Vitzthum 2 hrs ago | She didn't actually want to come. That's how they tell it in the CDU. Credibly, some assure that the Adenauerhaus had to literally beg the Chancellor to appear at the election campaign kick-off a week ago in Berlin's Tempodrom. And to advertise for Armin Laschet. The candidates for chancellor discussed for two hours at the TV triell. The viewers experienced what they have already seen for weeks: An overtaxed Armin Laschet, an overmotivated Annalena Baerbock and an overdisciplined Olaf Scholz. Source: WELT© WELT For two hours, the candidates for chancellor discussed at the TV triell. Viewers experienced what they have already seen for weeks: An overtaxed Armin Laschet, an overmotivated Annalena Baerbock and an overdisciplined Olaf Scholz. Source: WORLD Months ago, when party headquarters discussed with Angela Merkel which events in the election campaign she wanted to attend, her answer was terse: preferably none or as few as possible. The Chancellor would, of course, play a role, it was later said diplomatically from the Adenauerhaus. Meanwhile, dissatisfaction, even indignation, is spreading in the Union over the kind of support Merkel is providing. "Sparse" is her contribution, says one key state politician. "It looks as if she is not Union through and through," a CDU member of the Bundestag. A CSU man analyzes, "Of course it hurts us, it costs us votes." She needs to put more effort into Laschet, a state leader demands. The party is puzzling over her motives. Is it personal animosity? After all, Laschet has often contradicted her in Corona politics. His departure from incidence is also said to have not gone down well with her. On Sunday a week ago, the courtship of Laschet sounded dutiful. She was "deeply convinced" that he would become chancellor. She did not make a real plea for him. "The speech was more about herself," the CSU politician said. She did, however, give a hint as to why she was so reserved: "You know that since I relinquished the CDU presidency almost three years ago, I've basically stayed out of election campaign events." That, she says, is in line with her belief that predecessors in office who end their political work should keep a low profile. Accordingly, her restraint is unlikely to change between now and Sept. 26. This must worry the CDU, especially since Merkel was initially actively involved in a succession plan. The fact that Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer succeeded her as party leader in 2018 was also her doing. Only when she dealt Kramp-Karrenbauer the political death blow in February 2020 by interfering in the Thuringia election leklat, did she withdraw from all party affairs. One person has already been caught cold by this reticence: Markus Söder. The CSU was sure to have Merkel on its side. Her visit to Chiemsee, the unity in the Corona meetings; Merkel wants Söder, the party said. But in the power struggle between Söder and Laschet in the spring, Merkel did - nothing. The chancellor, some in the party analyzed, was acting like the German president: state-bearing, impartial. There are no historical models for this. She has made it up as she goes along. And in doing so, she is endangering her legacy. "She should have an interest in having a say in who follows her. Her record will change, of course, if the Union loses the chancellorship after her," says the CSU member of parliament. What is expected in the Union, especially in view of the SPD's upswing, is that Merkel now warns against a left-wing coalition in Germany. But that is not happening. Some even wonder whether she thinks SPD top candidate Olaf Scholz is the more suitable successor. In the new election commercial, he deliberately presents himself as a minister at her side. The message: If you want Merkelimus to continue, you have to vote for Scholz. Will Merkel at least contradict this idiosyncratic narrative in the coming weeks? It's not to be expected. There's just one more official campaign appearance with Laschet. Two days before the election. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heidelberg satirist Wolfgang Hampel has again achieved a high Amazon bestseller rank in Germany with Satire ist mein Lieblingstier ( Satire is my favorite animal ). According to many readers worldwide, Satire is my favorite animal is one of the funniest books of all time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Satire is my favorite animal - Satirical poems: with information about the cult event "Vita Magica" of the Academy for the Elderly in Heidelberg Booklet - July 17, 2018. 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