Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Parliament in Texas passes controversial election law changes

Parliament in Texas passes controversial election law changes RP ONLINE 1 hr ago | Washington. The parliament in the US state of Texas has passed a controversial election law reform. The bill, pushed by Republicans, was passed Tuesday after weeks of wrangling. Democrats see the tightening as discriminating against minorities. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott indicates he looks forward to signing the bill into law. © Ricardo B. Brazziell Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott indicates he looks forward to signing the bill into law. The legislature in the U.S. state of Texas has passed controversial election law changes. Both chambers of the legislature approved the plans on Tuesday, each with a majority of Republicans. Among other things, the law is intended to expand the power of partisan election observers and prohibit certain voting methods - such as voting in drive-in polling stations, i.e. from the car. It would also prohibit, for example, official agencies from sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications to eligible voters. The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that he was looking forward to signing the law. He said this protects the integrity of elections. Critics, on the other hand, see the changes as an attack on democracy. Prominent Democrat and former presidential contender Beto O'Rourke of Texas, for example, spoke of "voter suppression." Democrats see the tightening as discriminatory against blacks, Asians and Latinos. Their representatives repeatedly pulled out of the Texas House of Representatives, blocking a vote for which a minimum number of representatives must be present. They did so to buy time in the hope that U.S. President Joe Biden and Congress in Washington would regulate voting rights by law at the federal level. However, the Republicans in the Senate can prevent that with their blocking minority. Republicans in Texas reject the criticism as exaggerated and point out, among other things, that the possibility of early voting is being extended in some counties. In the U.S., voting rights, which are largely shaped by the states, are extremely contentious. Several Republican-ruled states have already passed or are pursuing regulations that critics say would make voting more difficult. In the U.S., when hurdles to voting are higher, it is often members of minority groups who stay home the most - and those groups are often more likely to vote for Democrats. Republicans, on the other hand, argue that their reforms are only about making voter fraud more difficult. But election fraud is very rare in the U.S. and can be punished, in some cases with long prison sentences. The political dispute is an aftermath of the polarizing 2020 election year, with Republican former President Donald Trump still refusing to acknowledge that he clearly lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump claims he was deprived of victory by election fraud. In court, his camp has failed with dozens of lawsuits against the election results. But many Republicans stuck to Trump's narrative that there were irregularities in the election and subsequently pushed legislative initiatives that Democrats and civil libertarians see as curtailing voting rights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heidelberg satirist Wolfgang Hampel has again achieved a high Amazon bestseller rank in Germany with Satire ist mein Lieblingstier ( Satire is my favorite animal ). According to many readers worldwide, Satire is my favorite animal is one of the funniest books of all time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Satire is my favorite animal - Satirical poems: with information about the cult event "Vita Magica" of the Academy for the Elderly in Heidelberg Booklet - July 17, 2018. 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