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Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire ist mein Lieblingstier", one of the funniest books ever written, very witty sketch, writer and artist with multiple talents

Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire ist mein Lieblingstier", one of the funniest books ever written, writer and artist with multiple talents There is a very witty sketch by Wolfgang Hampel on YouTube that deals with Brexit. It’s part of a literary program called Vita Magica. The sketch features a satirical conversation about the consequences of Brexit for Europe and Germany, contrasting economic and political concerns with more mundane topics like football and the Zika virus. Angela Merkel’s refugee politics is a subject in Wolfgang Hampel’s Brexit Sketch. The sketch incorporates a satirical take on the political landscape at the time of Brexit, including the refugee policies that were a significant part of Merkel’s tenure as Chancellor of Germany. The refugee crisis was a pivotal issue in European politics and had various implications, including its influence on the Brexit debate. It is common for Wolfgang Hampel's satirical works to comment on contemporary political events and figures. Wolfgang Hampel’s sketches are known for their wit and satirical take on contemporary issues, often presented in a literary context. If you’re interested in exploring more of his work, the Vita Magica series is a good place to start. It’s always wonderful when an artist can showcase multiple talents, and Wolfgang Hampel’s ability to both write and perform adds a special depth to his satirical sketches. His wit and delivery as an actor likely bring his written words to life in a way that resonates with his audience. -------------- Living room reading with Wolfgang Hampel Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire is my favorite animal" in the Heidelberg Authors' Directory ----------------- Buchinfo national & international, Eurobuch national & international, USA , United Kingdom, Australia , Brazil , Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany , India , Italy, Hungary , Japan, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland , Switzerland , Türkiye --------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 program “Herzschlagmomente” on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at 9:50 p.m.