Sunday, February 27, 2022

UN climate meeting in Paris: Russian diplomat is said to have apologized for the Ukraine war

daily mirror UN climate meeting in Paris: Russian diplomat is said to have apologized for the Ukraine war 3 hrs ago There is no justification for the attack on Ukraine, Oleg Anisimov is quoted as saying. He is the head of the Russian delegation at the UN climate meeting. The head of the Russian delegation at a UN climate meeting in Paris has reportedly apologized for Russia's major attack on Ukraine. After a passionate statement by his Ukrainian colleague on the situation in her country, Oleg Anisimov surprisingly declared that he wanted to "apologize on behalf of all Russians for the inability to prevent this conflict," three sources reported after the final meeting of the 195 member states of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Sunday the news agency AFP. "Those who see what is happening cannot find any justification for this attack on Ukraine," the three sources quoted the English-language translation of Anisimov's speech. Accordingly, he also expressed his "enormous admiration" for the Ukrainian delegation. The Russian head of delegation had spoken in Russian at the online conference of IPCC countries and AFP did not have access to his original contribution. When asked by AFP, Anisimov made it clear that his words should not be understood as an "official statement by the Russian delegation". Rather, they "express my personal opinion and attitude". Delegates and observers were clearly impressed by Anisimov's contribution, as reported by half a dozen witnesses. "He knows he's taking a personal risk, it was a very sincere message," one participant told AFP. The 195 IPCC member states spent two weeks summarizing the second part of the IPCC report, which deals with the serious consequences of climate change for humans and nature. The almost 4,000-page report is to be published on Monday. (AFP)