Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine: First Russian soldiers refuse to fight

Ukraine: First Russian soldiers refuse to fight Z-LiVE News - 2 hours ago On Monday there were reports of bombings throughout Ukraine - Kyiv was particularly affected. The situation is still confusing, which is why one has to rely on the respective statements of the warring parties. According to Ukrainian information, the Russian attack has so far been slowed down significantly. The reason for this, in addition to the will of their own people to stop the Russians, is also problems with the enemy, such as obtaining ammunition or fuel. The Russian soldiers are mainly young men who are exhausted and psychologically battered because of the maneuvers of the past few days. There are first reports of deserters on the Russian side - that is, soldiers who refuse to go to war. Russian prisoners have told Ukrainians they did not expect war. In addition, according to Ukrainian data, Russian troops suffered heavy losses: 3,000 soldiers were killed and 200 captured. There are also more than 100 destroyed tanks, 16 airplanes and 18 helicopters.