Tuesday, September 28, 2021

AfD: Alice Weidel mocked Karl Lauterbach - now it's payback time

EXPRESS AfD: Alice Weidel mocked Karl Lauterbach - now it's payback time Jan Voß (jv) 28 min. ago | Cologne. AfD leader Alice Weidel publicly mocked SPD politicians Karl Lauterbach and Helge Lindh in May before the Bundestag elections. The tweet has now backfired, however, as the politicians have now replied to the AfD woman and presented unmistakable figures. Alice Weidel - whether she now regrets her tweet against Karl Lauterbach? Alice Weidel took a swipe at Karl Lauterbach and Helge Lindh before the Bundestag election Stupidly run, one can only say. In May 2021, Weidel still appeared confident and belligerent - and in a tweet publicly lashed out at Lauterbach and Lindh. The reason: on their state list, the two SPD politicians finished far behind in 23rd and 27th place. Disappointing for the two SPD men, of course. And for Alice Weidel not only a reason for joy, but also cause for a rather unfriendly side blow below the belt. "Dear Karl Lauterbach, dear Helge Lindh, I congratulate you warmly on your 23rd and 27th place respectively on the state list of the SPD in NRW," the AfD politician wrote gloatingly at the time. Twitter diatribe from Alice Weidel backfires But now - four months and one federal election later - Helge Lindh took up Ms. Weidel's old arrow again and served her a tit-for-tat retort. He confronted her with the bare facts. "Hello Mrs. Alice Weidel, I just wanted to bring you up to date," Lindh said on Monday (September 27) as a retweet to Weidel's post. "Karl Lauterbach has his direct mandate with 45.6% of the first votes, I defended mine with 37.3% of the first votes." A result, therefore, that is quite respectable. Karl Lauterbach was able to win his constituency for the fifth time. Quite the opposite of the votes that Alice Weidel was able to win for herself. The AfD politician only achieved a single-digit result in her constituency of Lake Constance. Pretty meager, especially for a person who had previously been talking so big. Helge Lindh congratulates Alice Weidel on her meager result "Congratulations to you on 5th place and 8.96% in your constituency!" wrote Helge Lindh, similarly gloating as Alice Weidel had done to him earlier. She clearly missed a direct mandate with the meager result. As the first-place finisher on the state list, Weidel will nevertheless enter the Bundestag.