Friday, February 5, 2016

Long live Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel
Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Happy birthday, dearest Betty MacDonald Fan Club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

Cliff Richard sings his Eurovision Song Contest Hit 'Congratulations' especially for Wolfgang Hampel.

Wolfgang Hampel's success story began in 1983 when he founded Betty MacDonald Fan Club with 4 fans. In 2015 we have members in 40 countries.

Wolfgang Hampel visited all the places where Betty MacDonald and her family lived.
He interviewed Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's family and friends.
Betty MacDonald's very witty sister Alison Bard Burnett is beloved all over the world because of Wolfgang Hampel's unique interviews.

The international Betty MacDonald Fan Club members tremendously enjoy Wolfgang Hampel's fascinating Betty MacDonald  - and Ma and Pa Kettle biography, his satirical poems and very witty interviews but also his brilliant friends.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner, author and journalist Wolfgang Hampel, meets the most wonderful personalities, for example our Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor members, outstanding authors and artists Monica Sone, Darsie Beck, Gwen Grant, Bernd Kunze and Letizia Mancino.

If you dream - dream BIG! Wolfgang Hampel's big dream came true because of his unbelievable strength and huge energy.

We got info that one and only Wolfgang Hampel will be honored soon but modest Wolfgang won't talk about it. We hope Wolfgang will change his opinion because he deserves these awards very much.

We had many international Betty MacDonald Fan Club Events in Europe, Brasil and South Africa.

The international Betty MacDonald Fan Club ribbon is growing every day.

Betty MacDonald Guru Wolfgang Hampel was especially delighted when we had  the first Betty MacDonald Fan Club Wedding in 2011.

More Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor members and international Betty MacDonald Fan Club meetings will follow.

Wolfgang Hampel is currently working on an updated Betty MacDonald biography.

Good luck and a million times good health!

We are looking forward to listen and read Wolfgang Hampel's outstanding interviews, stories, poems and biographies.

Thanks a Million for founding Betty MacDonald Fan Club and all the activities in the past and future!

Wolfgang Hampel shares his oustanding comical talent and brings lots of joy and golden laughter to all of us.

Have the most wonderful birthday ever, dear Wolfgang Hampel!

Good luck for your new great project ' Vita Magica '. 

All our love in the name of Betty MacDonald Fan Club members in 40 countries, 


Vita Magica

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