Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Betty MacDonald, new friends and an unknown couple

Beautiful World's photo.
Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are going to publish new Betty MacDonald essays on Betty MacDonald's gardens and nature in Washington State.

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter February is available with many Betty MacDonald fan club surprises.

Tell us the names of this mysterious couple please and you can win a very new Betty MacDonald documentary. 


You shouldn't miss our International Betty MacDonald fan club events  because you can make the most wonderful friends there.
Betty MacDonald fan club event in London was outstanding.

I think London would be the best place for next International Betty MacDonald fan club event because I'd like to return to this wonderful city. 
The Betty MacDonald fan club event DVDs are excellent and I already own a whole collection.

Wolfgang Hampel's new Vita Magica guest was a very famous TV lady, author and singer who is a new very popular Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerl is beloved all over the World.

We are so happy that our 'Casanova'  is back.

Don't miss breakfast at the bookstore with Brad and Nick. 

I'd like to visit Betty MacDonald's paradise on Vashon Island.

Onions in the Stew is my favourite of Betty MacDonald's brilliant books. 

This song could be one of the ESC 2016 favourites.

Wishing you a very nice Tuesday,


Don't miss this very special book, please.


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Merkel warns against Visegrad’s plans for a ‘reserve border system’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned yesterday (14 February) against plans for a “reserve border system” devised by the Visegrad Four, the group of countries including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
The leaders of the ‘Visegrad Four’ (also known as V4) are meeting today in Prague for a mini-summit ahead of the 18-19 February EU Council meeting. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov was invited, together with the President of Macedonia, to join the Prague meeting.
The Visegrad leaders seek a possible “plan B” in case of a collapse of the Schengen system and in particular an exit of Greece from the group. In particular, they want to make sure that the borders between Bulgaria and Greece and Macedonia and Greece are sealed and effectively stop the migration flows.

The press service of the Bulgarian Prime Minister reported that Borissov spoke to Merkel yesterday, at his initiative. Borissov is reported to have told Merkel of his country’s commitment to seeking a common European response to the refugee crisis.
But media also report that Borissov has been criticised internally for accepting the invitation for the Visegrad summit, and has been warned that he puts the country at odds with Brussels.
MEP Svetoslav Malinov, from the small centre-right party Reformist Bloc, a junior coalition partner of Borissov’s GERB party, warned that the participation of Bulgaria to a “separate policy” conducted by V4, will have negative consequences for Bulgaria and would complicate its relations with Germany.
The Polish news website wPolityce.pl reports that Merkel put pressure on Borissov, and he abandoned plans to support the plans of the Visegrad group.
“Bulgaria confirms its solidarity with Greece and its disagreement with the idea to close the border between Macedonia and Greece,” the press release says.
According to the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the EU should act as a whole and seek common solutions to the migrant crisis.
Borissov is reported to have also urged Merkel to support Bulgaria amid the “complications” caused by a Greek farmers’ protest at the Bulgaria-Greece border.

Last October, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called a mini-summit to tackle the refugee crisis along the Western Balkans route. On that occasion Borissov made it plain that the countries on the Balkan route won’t allow to be transformed into refugee camps.
“If Germany, Austria and other countries close their borders, we will not let our peoples become a buffer zone. We will be ready in the same way to close our borders,” Borissov said last October.
Last Friday (12 February), Austria told Macedonia to be ready to “completely stop” the flow of migrants across its southern border from Greece, and said it would do the same on its own frontiers within months.

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