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Betty MacDonald and important secrets

Secrets revealed!!! How to get your guy to shop for new glasses?

By Eye Candy Steve
Secrets revealed!!! How to get your guy to shop for new glasses?
Getting your guy to purchase new specs can be a very trying experience.  Once you do the hard part and schedule him for an eye exam, the rest should be easy, right?  But as a man, I know it isn’t.  A scant minority of us find joy in shopping for glasses, but the vast majority see it as a major chore.
What is important is YOU know it is important.  You have to take charge and make sure he not only sees great but looks great too. We know it’s “no day at the beach” to get your significant other to the glasses shop. Each guy has his own shopping personality. Understanding his inner motivations will help you have a stress free experience.  Here is a breakdown of shopping styles based on our experience at Eye Candy and also some helpful tips.
Identifying your man’s optical shopping style (which one is yours?)
1. The “I don’t care” guy: 
This guy doesn’t want to shop, and looks at it something like a prison interrogation, the faster he complies, the sooner he can get paroled and go on with the rest of his day.
The good news – He will defer to you on what frame looks good on him provided it isn’t too “weird”.
The bad news – He will be so quick to agree that you will never know if he actually likes his new glasses. Ladies avoid your instinct for inclusion.  He really just doesn’t care!
Your strategy – Much like a child, bait him with the promise of a stop for lunch or The Home Depot after.  Pick a style that YOU really like on him.  He will wear them to make YOU happy.  Easy peasy!
Degree of difficulty – 2 out of 5 stars
2. The “I don’t care but secretly I really do” guy: 
This guy pretends not to care about picking new glasses but HE REALLY DOES.  Don’t be fooled.  For whatever reason he feels the need to be nonchalant but his inner self is reeling as he doesn’t want to get a frame that looks bad on him.
The good news – He will complain a bit about going to optical store, but when he gets there, he will become progressively more engaged.
The bad news – You will think this will be a quick painless experience but this guy may ultimately test your patience as he can become very indecisive.
Your strategy – Defer to the optician/stylist on this one.  While he values your input in frame selection, he is often secretly consumed by an inner need of social approval.  Be in-sync with the optician when he tries on the glasses YOU like best.  Wink, wink.
Degree of difficulty – 5 out of 5 stars
3. The “I know exactly what I want.  I’m the master of my own destiny” guy.
This guy actually may leave you out of the equation and go glasses shopping on his own.  This is all great as long as he has good taste and the optician will help him.  If you are with him, he will usually find your suggestions useful as he wants to analyze ALL the data.
The good news – It doesn’t take much prodding to get him to buy new glasses especially if you give him a few subtle hints that his glasses are old, out of fashion or both.
The bad news – He is the most strong willed and tends to be a perfectionist.  Finding the perfect pair can be painfully long as he will evaluate the smallest of details.
Your strategy – He can be at times almost too self-assured.  Let him be the boss but let him know in your own special way which pair he should choose.
Degree of difficulty – 4 out of 5 stars
4. The “What’s in it for me” guy:
This guy turns a simple suggestion that he needs new glasses into a game.  He has a “tit for tat” type of mentality. If he needs new specs, you need to approach him with both a carrot and a stick.  It could be as simple as promising him lunch at B Spot.  On the other hand, a veiled threat works well too. If he doesn’t go pick out glasses, there is less appealing errand to run instead like shopping for new drapes. Know his hot buttons... make the optical the lesser of the two evils.
The good news – While he needs a little pushing, this guy will usually be amicable once he’s in the store.
The bad news – It was hard enough to get him out to buy a new pair of specs, so ease up on him the rest of day. Don’t push.
Your strategy – Schedule a formal appointment with your favorite optical. Tell him that the trip to the store is planned rather than impromptu.  This gives him less leverage on bowing out and you ultimately get what you want.
Degree of difficulty – 3 out of 5 stars
5. The “I kinda dig this” guy:
This guy is your dream shopper. If your guy is this guy, you probably wouldn’t bother to read this post. He genuinely likes shopping and you too will collaborate well on picking the perfect pair.
The good news – This is one easy Saturday afternoon for you!
The bad news – He can be the guy that can “break the bank” and want six pairs.  He can get so caught up glasses shopping that he won’t be able to decide.  He also may make a simple one-hour errand and turn it into a five-hour marathon.  Fun… but let’s face it… you have other stuff to do.
Your stategy – Get him thinking about getting new specs long before the actual shopping trip. Let him explore the optical stores websites as he loves being informed.  Also, the more he knows in advance, the faster he will make a decision.  Win-win for both of you.
Degree of difficulty – 1 out of 5 stars
6. The “what’s this going to cost me” guy:
This guy is all about looking his best as long as it doesn’t cost him an arm and a leg. He understands quality but needs to balance this based on price.
The good news – While he may try to get off with an inexpensive pair, he usually settles for something a lot better.  This suits you fine as he looks better too!
The bad news – He often will visit more than several shops to see if he can get a better deal on a “like” pair of glasses.
Your strategy – Even in the same style make sure this guy has options.  If you push him to choose between glasses he feels are “too pricey”, he may walk completely and you will have to start all over. Despite the price tag, he does value your opinion of what truly looks best.  He may grumble a bit if you both ultimately decide on the more costly pair.  Just give a kiss on the cheek and tell him he looks fantastic and he will melt.
Degree of difficulty – 3 out of 5 stars
Summary: Une fin heureuse
Keeping your guy looking cool and in fashion includes eyewear.  Knowing his approach to shopping will allow you a stress free trip to the store.  Everybody is different and your guy may exhibit characteristics from more than one type.  Keep calm, breath, and dive in with both feet!
Happy shopping… until next time.
Stay sweet!
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