Monday, February 8, 2016

Betty MacDonald's voice and golden laughter

Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Betty MacDonald fan club fans, 

thank you so much for the wonderful Betty MacDonald fan club news.

It'll be kind of a miracle to see Betty MacDonald in front of cameras for the first time. 

It'll be such a great moment for us to see Betty MacDonald and listen to her very warm and feminine voice and unique laughter. 

I don't want to talk only about Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard, but also about the other family members especially Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard's unforgettable sister Alison Bard Burnett. 

Alison Bard Burnett shares very witty experiences with her family and friends.

I hope Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel had the most wonderful birthday ever. 

Be careful, please. Don't listen to Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald interviews in public places like I did.

I was sitting in a train and had to laugh so hard all the time. People gave me very strange looks. Alison Bard Burnett is a champion in humor like her sisters Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard. She deserves world wide fame because of this unique ability to make us laugh.

I adore Wolfgang Hampel's fascinating Betty MacDonald interviews and biographical books The Kettles' Million Dollar Egg, The Egg and Betty, The Tragic End of Robert Eugene Heskett, Betty MacDonald and Mike Gordon, Betty MacDonald in Butte, Chimacum, Seattle and Carmel, Betty MacDonald's illness published by BMC.

My aunt knows one of Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard's close friends.

My story will be published in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter March 2016 including very interesting photos.  

I'll never forget our Betty MacDonald Fan Club Events in Oslo and Stockholm.

I hope there will be another one soon.

I'd need  Mr. Tigerli - our unique trouble shooter right now.

I should have a phone call  with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle because my children behave very strange and need a cure. 

Afterwards I'm going to have breakfast with Brad and Nick at the bookstore.



Don't miss this very special book, please.

Vita Magica
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Two German carnival parades cancelled over high winds

8th February 2016, Comments 0 comments

Winter storms forced German carnival organisers to cancel parades in two western cities Monday and to scale back festivities in Cologne, the traditional home of the annual fancy dress celebrations.
Costumed revellers in Cologne braved intermittent rains for the event, held under tight security to prevent attacks or a repeat of the mass sexual assaults that marred the city's New Year celebrations.
However, forecasts of high winds with gusts of about 85 to 100 kilometres per hour (50 to 60 mph) led the Rhine river city to ban large floats, signs and flags as well as the use of horses.
The so-called Rose Monday parades were called off altogether in the cities of Duesseldorf and Mainz because of the harsh weather.
The light-hearted celebrations usually draw tens of thousands of revellers dressed in costumes that range from cowboys, pirates and superheroes to Star Wars characters and horror movie monsters.
The crowds cheer parades with floats on which large papier-mache characters typically depict scenes touching on current affairs and politics, often with brazen messages.
One float in Duesseldorf, which was set to stay grounded because of the weather, commented on the Cologne sexual attacks against hundreds of women that shocked the nation, blamed mainly on North African men.
It showed two men labelled "sex attackers" strapped to a firework rocket, with a message predicting a better New Year's Eve 2016.
Rose Monday marks the traditional highlight of carnival celebrations in the Rhineland which began last Thursday and end on the eve of Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent in the Catholic tradition.
Police in Cologne have been struggling to restore public confidence after hundreds of women said they were groped and robbed in a mob of mostly North African and Arab men in chaotic New Year festivities.
Security fears have been heightened by concern that jihadists may take advantage of the massive influx of refugees into Europe to slip in undetected, with Germany particularly vulnerable after taking in 1.1 million asylum seekers last year alone.

© 2016 AFP