Thursday, December 28, 2023

Prepare “world majority” for nuclear strike: “Scientific” analysis gives Putin clear advice

Prepare “world majority” for nuclear strike: “Scientific” analysis gives Putin clear advice Article by Sandra Kathe • 1 H. Russia In an attempt to stop the West from further supporting Ukraine, Russia's state media repeatedly threaten drastic consequences. Moscow - In a news conference held by the Russian state news agency TASS, Russian "experts" in foreign, defense and economic policy presented a "study" according to which Russia should make it clear to the West that its "actions" are contributing to the "conflict in Ukraine." “Risks nuclear war. Bringing this perception into the public debate is therefore a “strong means” of “deterring” Russia’s opponents. This emerges from a TASS report on Wednesday (December 27). Accordingly, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the State Duma Foreign Policy Committee commissioned the “scientific analysis”. The study, which experts from the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy and the Moscow School of Economics (HSE) are said to have worked on, propagates an approach that Russia's state media has been pursuing since the beginning of the Ukraine war. Russian TV personalities such as talk show host Vladimir Solovyov and RT boss Margarita Simonyan repeatedly talk about the possible consequences of a nuclear conflict. Russia speaks of defense against the West and threatens escalation The paper, lead author of the HSE Faculty of World Economics Sergey Karaganov, suggests that Russia may be forced to resort to nuclear weapons. The reason given is that Russia must expect attacks on its own territory due to Western support for Ukraine, which it is attacking. Full screen button At military parades, Putin repeatedly insists on Russia's military strength. His advisors are now urging further threats. That is why, according to TASS, the “experts” advise the Kremlin government to “prepare the governing circles and societies of the world majority for a possible escalation of the conflict through political or – in extreme cases – direct use of the nuclear factor.” The social discussion about this would then be a “strong factor in stopping the West and breaking its will when it comes to engaging in aggressive behavior.” Russia’s Position on the Ukraine War: At the Center of a “New World Order” According to TASS, the authors of the “study” do not see Russia as being to blame for the military aid from the West, but instead even claim that with the start of its “special operation” Russia has become the “military-political core of the world majority” and is ready to create a “new world order “to initiate, in which the West loses its dominant role. The “global south and east” are natural partners for Russia because there is a common interest here in “democratizing the world order and eradicating neo-colonialist practices and pressure from the political, monetary and financial systems worldwide”. The study also says that there is "no hope of improving relations with countries in the West in the foreseeable future" and that Russia needs to focus on "booming" partnerships with other regions such as Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America . “New, suitable connections” could only be established with the West once Russia had won the war. (saka)