Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma Updates

Hurricane Irma Updates

Live Blog Officials order people to flee historic storm, which has killed at least 28 people as it devastated parts of the Caribbean

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Hurricane Irma has pummeled Florida from coast-to-coast with winds up to 130mph, flooding homes and boats, knocking out power to millions of people and toppling massive construction cranes over the Miami skyline.
The 400-mile-wide (640-kilometer-wide) storm blew ashore in the mostly cleared-out Florida Keys, then marched up its western coast, its punishing winds extending clear across to Miami and West Palm Beach on the Atlantic side. 
Irma, which has killed at least 28 people after pushing through the Caribbean, was considered a life-threatening danger in Florida as well, and could inflict a natural disaster causing billions of dollars in damage to the third-most-populous US state.

Live Updates

From AP:

"Georgia officials say at least one person has been killed by Tropical Storm Irma.
Georgia Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Catherine Howden said Monday that one storm-related death has been confirmed in Worth County, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) south of Atlanta. She had no further details.
The county is located in southwest Georgia, where Irma’s center was churning northwestward toward Alabama on Monday afternoon. With tropical storm winds extending more than 400 miles (640 kilometers) from its center, Irma has caused damage across the state from trees falling on inland homes to flooding in neighborhoods on the Georgia coast.
The storm has also been blamed for one death in Florida. At least 36 people died in the storm’s wake across the Caribbean."


Authorities have reported the first Irma-related death in Georgia as it moves up into the state. More as we get it

While the world watches Florida, Hurricane Irma has ripped apart a tiny Caribbean Island

The IndependentBarbuda’s once charming surrounds are today ghostly quiet, the devastated ruins of its colourful homes and the absence of its 1,800 residents a galling testimony to the wrath of Hurricane Irma. The monster category 5 hurricane which swept through here last Wednesday has transformed the idyllic isle – a former haunt of the late Princess Diana – into a ghastly, apocalyptic scene.

Residents of St Martin claim evacuations show racial discrimination

The IndependentSome black and mixed-race residents of the hurricane-devastated French territory on the island of St Martin are expressing anger at a perception that white tourists have been given priority during evacuations. The anger over perceived discrimination exposes underlying racial tensions that have long plagued France’s far-flung former colonies — especially its Caribbean territories, where most of the population identifies as black, and is poorer than the white minority.

From Clark Mindock in Naples: Open stores are few and far between in Naples the day after Hurricane Irma's landfall.

At least one, the Mermaid Food Store on US 41 is open, though. Inside the small convenience store, a line snakes through the dark aisles of beer, soft drinks, and snacks.

"Mostly snacks," Leslie Lee said, when asked what she had picked up inside. She said she lives about seven miles from the store.

"Someone told us a store was open here, so it was our only choice," she said.

"Others left carrying six packs. A grandmother and her granddaughter cracked open glass bottles of Sprite.

Still others left empty handed. Nearly everywhere in the region is out of power, just like the store. Ice is not on the menu, neither are torches.

"We were looking for ice to cool our water and drinks," Tab McGrill said.

But he may have to make do without ice and cold drinks for days in this scorching Florida summer, he conceded. Still, at least the and his wife made it through the storm, he said.

"That was the scariest thing we've ever seen," Mr McGrill said.

A dispatch from our reporter in Naples, Florida

We went to Naples after Irma ripped through it: 'It looks like the set of The Walking Dead'

The Independent*/ A day after the city of Naples was run over by the eye of Hurricane Irma, locals were assessing the damage left by the 141 mph winds and shaking their heads.

Tropical Storm Irma is gradually losing strength as it passed through northern Florida with the National Hurricane Center discontinuing four storm surge and tropical storm warnings. Irma's sustained winds are now to 65 mph

Officials say at least one tornado has been reported in coastal Georgia.
Glynn County emergency officials had no immediate reports of tornado damage, the Associated Press said.