Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Betty MacDonald, cats and Mr. Tigerli's new favourite

Bildergebnis für Happy Wednesday with cats
Bildergebnis für Donald Trump and cats
Bildergebnis für Betty MacDonald and a cat

Bildergebnis für Happy Wednesday with cats

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

as we know Betty MacDonald was fond of cats.

Tell us the names of her beloved cats, please. 

Send us your answer to our contact address, please and you might be our next Betty MacDonald fan club winner.

Good luck!

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is back with a new very hot love affair.

Read and enjoy the new outstanding Mr. Tigerli story by Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, artist and author Letizia Mancino.

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mary Holmes translated it in English language.

Thanks a million dearest Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and not to forget our one and only Mr. Tigerli in the name of many Betty MacDonald fan club fans in 5 continents.



Bildergebnis für Happy Wednesday with cats


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Mr. Tigerli’s new love

Copyright 2014/2017 by Letizia Mancino
translated by Mary Holmes
All rights reserved 

Mr. Tigerli isn’t flying to London!

That’s a pity!

Mary Holmes had offered to go with him. She was born in London.

Does the cat have a problem speaking English?

No, if he had an hour’s English lesson every day he would easily be able to carry on a conversation with Larry and Prince Charles.

He is so gifted!

But he is vain, Betty!

We can allow him that!!

But who pays the high bills for the cosmetics and the manicurists and hairdressers?

The Queen of England.

But he will not be one of her entourage anymore!

That’s such a shame! The Queen will be very disappointed.

He got himself so well prepared. I was so proud of him: every day he practiced at the Patton Barracks and Mark Twain Village in Heidelberg.

At the American Head Quarters?

Yes, but now there are just hundreds of acres of overgrown ground.

Have the Americans left?

Yes, but the mice are back.

The Houses of Parliament in London have been totally over-run with mice and can’t control them!

But now it’s all for nothing! Tigerli isn’t going to London!

He must have very serious reasons for this decision!

Very! The honour of going to present himself to the Queen didn’t seem to be important anymore.

What has happened?

I daren’t tell you the true story.

Come, Roman Nose, I’m sure I’m strong enough to bear it.

Perhaps not... and also it could be a problem for the fans!


He has disappeared!

Where’s he gone?

He’s not far from my studio. I have discovered that Mr.Tigerli is at my neighbour’s house.

Has it something to do with a girl?

That was my first thought.


My neighbour’s daughter is just 20 years old. Very curvatious, a very attractive redhead.

They are very dangerous!

But I have spoken with Alena’s mother and he isn’t interested in Alena!

That’s strange.

He is there to visit another woman in the house. Don’t get too much of a shock, Betty. She is a female python!

How terrible!

He is deeply in love with her: he stands under her window for hours like a Romeo. „But, come, what light through yonder window breaks? Come to the window my beautiful love“

A „Don Giovanni“.

A lost soul!

Does she show herself at the window?

No, she is not allowed to leave the house!

What does Tigerli find attractive about a cold snake?

Hot love! He doesn’t come to me any more for his food. The salmon remains in his bowl.

 A person who is in love does loose his appetite!

They eat together in the evening1

Mice from Patton Barracks?

No, deep-frozen rats from the firm Beaufreeze!

How romantic! By candle light?

Without. Tigeli’s eyes shine brightly enough!

Passionate love!

Hugging each other tightly!

Breathtakingly beautiful!


Do you think he will stay with her forever?

She is the right woman for him. I can’t begin to tolerate these mice

A paradise for them!

Yes, Betty!

And if they marry?

We will invite all Mr. Tigerli’s friends to the wedding