Saturday, September 23, 2017

Donald Trump, the cats and a fake

Sorry, The Pic Of Donald Trump Rescuing 2 Cats In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey Is Fake


We have yet another fake photo that has surfaced from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. You may have seen a photograph floating around of the President of the Untied States carrying two scared cats through the flood waters of Houston.
Just like the video of the the shark swimming down a Houston highway, the cat pic is a fake. While Trump hasn’t made any claims this pic is real, there have been multiple fanpages sharing the image.

Just looking at the pic, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a photoshop. That’s clearly NOT Trump’s body. And honestly, have we ever seen the man in a pair of jeans?
The real photo actually comes from 2008, during a flood evacuation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The man in the original picture is Brandon Smith, who was saving his cats Fry and Bender. You can check out the real pic HERE.
Sorry. Would have been awesome though if it was real.
Rebekah Black

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