Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Betty MacDonald, Moncia Sone and Wolfgang Hampel

Bildergebnis für a heart of red roses

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Monica Sone passed away on September 5th,  2011 shortly after the 92th birthday.

We miss unique Monica Sone very much. 

Monica was a very good friend of Betty MacDonald and Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel. 

Betty MacDonald described Monica Sone as 'Kimi' in her book 'The Plague and I'.

Monica Sone mentioned Betty MacDonald in her book 'Nisei Daughter'.

Do you know which name Monica Sone used  when she described Betty MacDonald?

Send us your mail, please and you might be our Betty MacDonald fan club surprise winner.

Best wishes,


Bildergebnis für heart of red roses

Monica K. Sone

Age 92 of Canton passed away Monday afternoon in Aultman Hospital. Born in Seattle, Wash. she was the daughter of the late Seizo and Ben (Nagashima) Itoi. 

Monica spent three years in an internment camp in Idaho during World War II, after which she moved to the Midwest where she started her college years. She graduated from Case Western with a Masters in Clinical Psychology. 

Her professional life as a clinical psychologist and social worker for the Catholic Community League was a deep source of gratification to her. Monica authored a book, NISEI DAUGHTER, which depicted her life on the west coast and her experiences in the internment camp. At the time of her death, she was writing her second book. In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Geary M. Sone in 1998.

She is survived by her sons, Philip G. Sone of Canton, Peter S. (Irene) Sone of Canton, John K. (Mindy) Sone of Akron; daughter, Susan M. (Gary) Davison of Massillon; grandchildren, Andrew (Ashwini) Davison, Mariko Davison and Stephanie Davison.

Bildergebnis für heart of red roses

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