Thursday, September 28, 2023

The best measure to combat the AfD is your resignation, Ms. Faeser

Berlin newspaper The best measure to combat the AfD is your resignation, Ms. Faeser Article by Tomasz Kurianowicz • 12 hours Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country - and yet she is the SPD's top candidate for the state elections in Hesse. You don't understand it. Instead of coming forward with constructive solutions to deal with the migration crisis, the Interior Minister stumbles from glitch to glitch and stands out for setting wrong priorities. During her time in office, the fight against cybercrime seems to be more important to her than safety on Germany's streets. But that's not all. Nancy Faeser embarrassed herself in the Böhmermann affair by dropping Arne Schönbohm, the former president of the Federal Office for Information Security, after he was wrongly shown close to him on Jan Böhmermann's show "ZDF Magazin Royale". had been assigned to Russian secret services. The suspicion is that Faeser wanted to get rid of an unpleasant employee. Nancy Faeser never apologized. She didn't admit any mistakes. For a long time she did not want to take a stand in parliament, even though there were serious allegations of bullying and manipulation, which today appear to be very well founded. What critics had denounced before her inauguration by Chancellor Olaf Scholz has come true: Nancy Faeser lacks the expertise and experience to lead a ministry. Instead of doing politics, Faeser concentrates on election campaigns and PR numbers. The EU's newly adopted crisis regulation cannot save its reputation. Doesn't the SPD realize that with such ignorance of Faeser's wrong prioritization it is digging its own grave, yes, the grave of bourgeois parties as a whole? Doesn't Chancellor Olaf Scholz feel that Nancy Faeser is a reason why people vote for the AfD? Nancy Faeser: Selective actions with a breath of fresh air instead of ideas with a long breath. The AfD shamelessly exploits this incompetence. Faeser sticks his head in the sand and concentrates on the fight against the right. That sounds good for the media. But let's be honest: Does the Ministry of the Interior really think that people believe that shortly before the election in Hesse, some previously unknown Nazi groups will suddenly appear in order to be banned by Nancy Faeser? To put it carefully, voters feel like they are being taken for a ride. Nancy Faeser can invest billions in fighting right-wing radical structures. She can found so many well-intentioned initiatives. It would be more effective if the billions went to the federal police and the overburdened municipalities that are unable to cope with border protection and accommodating refugees. Faeser's responsibility would have been to make the migration issue her top priority. Instead, she reacts as always, with showmanship - or only when the Chancellor speaks out. When you talk to experts and discuss the usefulness of border controls, you often hear that this measure only works in certain areas. As long as Germany remains an attractive immigration country, as long as asylum seekers here in Germany receive more social benefits than in Poland or Hungary, as long as a European solution does not take effect, they will head to Germany and find increasingly dilapidated structures that make a humane life impossible. Poland knows that migrants value Germany as a country of immigration. That's why they are sent on. Nancy Faeser knows this too. And the population knows it anyway and sees that German politics has not yet succeeded in developing a strategy for orderly migration at the EU level that can do justice to the people in Europe, but also to the refugees. What is the consequence? Many Germans sympathize with the AfD, including an increasing number of migrants. The surveys in the eastern German states are a warning signal for the governing coalition. As long as it is not understood that Nancy Faeser's policies lead to frustration and disillusionment with politics, the country will continue to divide. We need a signal from politicians that politicians with competence lead central departments, with expertise and experience - and that they draw conclusions from their mistakes. That's why Nancy Faeser must resign and show that she understands the precarious situation. Everything else strengthens the AfD.