Thursday, September 28, 2023

Last generation: Shock diagnosis for the Brandenburg Gate - that's how expensive the cleaning is!

BERLIN LIVE Last generation: Shock diagnosis for the Brandenburg Gate - that's how expensive the cleaning is! Article by Sarah Dapena Fernandez • 10 hours A good two weeks ago, on September 17th, members of the climate activist group Last Generation sprayed the Brandenburg Gate with orange paint. The police immediately arrested the perpetrators on site. Since then, the activists have been blocking streets in Berlin's morning traffic every day, clinging to cars on the A100 and trying to interrupt the Berlin Marathon on Sunday (September 24). Although an attempt was made to remove the paint from the Brandenburg Gate, especially in view of this special day, it was not possible. Last generation: color penetrates deeply into landmarks In fact, cleaning the Berlin landmark is much more difficult than expected. The original estimated damage amount of 35,000 euros was quickly revised. The problem is that the paint has eaten into the sandstone of the Brandenburg Gate to such an extent that special means have to be used to get rid of it. It is now clear: “The removal of the paint residue will probably take several weeks. The experts now have a color analysis. Because of its water content, the color mixture penetrated deeper into the sandstone than initially assumed. Further investigations must now show how deep,” writes BIM (Berliner Immobiliengesellschaft GmbH), which is responsible for the building. Different cleaning procedures may be necessary “In the past few days, various cleaning procedures have been tested on sample areas in consultation with the State Monuments Office. As a result, a combination of different procedures will probably have to be used. The use of laser technology is also still being examined.” The costs would increase accordingly: “A binding statement is currently not possible. However, costs are expected to be in the six-figure range, also because the Brandenburg Gate will have to be scaffolded in places for the work.” The BIM had already declared in advance that it wanted to pass on the costs to the last generation.