Saturday, September 30, 2023

Angela Merkel: The first quotes from the ZDF interview are leaking out – a big bang is about to happen

Thuringia 24 Angela Merkel: The first quotes from the ZDF interview are leaking out – a big bang is about to happen Article by Marcel Görmann • 2 hours. While Merkel's successor as CDU leader, Friedrich Merz, repeatedly rails against asylum seekers and migrants (“social tourism,” “little pashas,” “getting your teeth remade”), ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel takes a completely different tone. Political Berlin is eagerly awaiting her ZDF interview on Monday evening (October 2nd). The first quotes from her are already leaking out. Angela Merkel wants a new narrative – and to include immigrants One day before the German unity holiday, ZDF broadcasts an interview with the former Chancellor. The station broadcasts it at 7:20 p.m., following the “heute” news. It is the first TV interview after her term in office. The conversation with Merkel is part of the documentary “On the pulse with Mitri Sirin – How much unity have we achieved?” The point is that many East Germans and people with a migration background still do not have the feeling of having arrived in the Federal Republic. Angela Merkel has a clear opinion on this: A new narrative is needed that includes migrants. “It needs this narrative, it always needed it.” Former Chancellor Angela Merkel in the ZDF documentary In recent years, many people have come “who live permanently in our country and have not always lived here.” It is “again a new task for us to take them in. Germany includes everyone.” These words are reminiscent of Merkel's famous saying “We can do it” in the middle of the first asylum crisis in 2015. Merkel for a welcoming culture: Merz sets different accents The former Chancellor is sending a clear message of a welcoming culture and willingness to integrate. And this at a time when the country is primarily talking about tightening asylum regulations and limits on the capacity to accept asylum seekers. Merkel is setting a completely different tone than opposition leader Friedrich Merz. At the CDU party headquarters, the Konrad Adenauer House, the TV interview will probably be watched more critically.