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The globally successful Heidelberg satirist and author Wolfgang Hampel is a versatile person with different interests and roles

The globally successful Heidelberg satirist and author Wolfgang Hampel is a versatile person with different interests and roles. Let's examine some aspects of his life: Satirist and author: Wolfgang Hampel is an author known for his satirical works. According to many readers, “Satire Is My Favorite Animal” is one of the funniest books ever written. It is very popular in the US (ranked 5500 in Parody on Amazon), the UK, German-speaking countries and many other countries. This is a huge success, especially for a German-language book. It contains satirical poems and information about the cultural event “Vita Magica” at the Academy for Older People in Heidelberg. The Vita Magica series, initiated by Wolfgang Hampel in July 2015, has become a cult event in which he performs sketches, sings songs he composed and wrote himself, and recites his beloved satirical poems. Betty MacDonald connection: The founder of the Betty MacDonald fan club, Wolfgang Hampel, has a strong connection to Betty MacDonald. He conducted fascinating interviews with Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett, the family and friends of Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen. Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald biography and interviews provide unique insights into Betty MacDonald's life, her literary works, and her family's experiences during significant historical periods. Wolfgang Hampel was awarded the Betty MacDonald Memorial Award twice for his work on Betty MacDonald and his humorous classic 'Satire is my favorite animal'. The Betty MacDonald fan club has fans in 40 countries. Literary engagements: Wolfgang Hampel's engagement with literature goes beyond satire. Through his writings and events he has made a major contribution to the literary scene. His involvement in the Vita Magica series shows his passion for combining humor, music and literature. Local presence: Wolfgang Hampel is very active in the Heidelberg region, taking part in cultural events and interacting with his enthusiastic audience. His work reflects a mix of creativity, wit and a deep appreciation for storytelling. While Wolfgang Hampel's primary focus is satire and literature, his interviews with Alison Bard Burnett, the family members and friends of Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen, provide unique insights into the lives of these remarkable women. The books by Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen continue to be well received by readers, thanks in part to authors, satirists, humorists, researchers and enthusiasts such as Wolfgang Hampel. 📚✨ -------------- Living room reading with Wolfgang Hampel Wolfgang Hampel, author of “Satire is my favorite animal” in Heidelberg Authors – Directory ---------------------------------- Book info national & international, Eurobuch national & international,---------------- - --- USA , United Kingdom, Australia , Brazil , Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany , India , Italy, Hungary , Japan, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland , Switzerland , Türkiye ------------------------------------------ Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 television show HEARTBEAT MOMENTS on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at 9:50 p.m.