Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Most successful Betty MacDonald fan club posting

Dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

that's a very successful Betty MacDonald fan club posting by Ulla published in March 2014.

That's Ulla's message:

There are several dictators on this planet.
There is one who hates Twitter. There is one who invades a neighbour state.
I'm convinced this behaviour means the beginning of their end.

People want democracy and freedom and you can't stop them with these oldfashioned methods and instruments in 2014.

What these dictators are doing all the time is democrazy instead of democracy.


Dear Ulla, thanks a lot for posting this very important message.

We got so many mails and Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world agree with you.

We all want democracy and instead of democrazy.

We are going to publish new Betty MacDonald fan club  ESC votings today.

I hope they'll find MH 370.



Missing flight MH370 wreckage 'identified' by American Pilot Michael Hoebel?