Thursday, April 24, 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club birthday DVD

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we can offer the Betty MacDonald fan club birthday DVD on Monday.

You can see Betty MacDonald fan club birthday events on 5 continents.

Happy birthday dear Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Letizia Mancino.

Many Betty MacDonald fan club fans enjoy Letizia Mancino's excellent written and  fascinating Mr. Tigerli stories, poems and artwork.

We are going to publish some new ESC results during this week..

ESC 2014: Austria 12, Sweden 10, Germany 8, UK 7, Azerbaijan 6, Ukraine 5, Spain 4, Russia 3, Romania 2, Armenia 1,

BEST ESC SONG: Germany 12, Sweden 10, Ukraine 8, Italy 7, Ireland 6, Spain 5, UK 4, Portugal 3, Norway 2, Greece 1.

Austria will win ESC 2014, Germany BEST ESC SONG CONTEST.


Lena - Satellite  ( Germany )