Monday, April 7, 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit will be a very important Betty MacDonald fan club event. Betty MacDonald fan club fans can see many very interesting Betty MacDonald items for the very first time, even handwritten letters not only by Betty MacDonald but also of other family members and other very rare documents.

I can't wait to see the Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting results for 2014.
I'm going to vote like this: Armenia 12, UK 10, Ukraine 8, Greece 7, Azerbaijan 6, Belgium 5, Hungary 4, Russia 3, Latvia 2 and Estonia 1.

Betty MacDonald ESC fan club TOP 10 voting 2014 in alphabetical order at the current time: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Who will be the winner and which ESC song is the most favourite one in history?  Abba won ESC 1974 in Brighton 40 years ago but Waterloo isn't the most successful entry in sales. Do you have any idea which song is ESC Nr. 1 song in sales? You can vote for this song. It's Brotherhood of Man with Save your kisses for me who won ESC 1976.

What will happen in East Ukraine -  the same like in Crimea? What will Europe do to support Ukraine?


Save your kisses for me - Wikipedia