Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Betty MacDonald's colourful Easter eggs

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit and Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection are getting more and more fascinating because of these new Betty MacDonald fan club items never seen before. We are still working on Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter April but you can see Betty MacDonald's colourful Easter eggs soon.

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC TOP 10 is great but I was surprised that Romania isn't in TOP 10 at the moment. To me Romania is one of the favourites. Here are my votes: Germany 12, UK 10, Sweden 8, Romania 7, Ukraine 6, Spain 5, Israel 4, Norway 3, Portugal 2, Italy 1.

Sophia  I didn't know that ' Save your kisses for me ' is the most successful ESC song in sales. Thanks a lot for this info. Are there any info about the most successful ESC song in sales?  I'd love to know this.

I have to think every day of the destiny of MH370. Hopefully they can find them. It's a very touching report. ( see link below ) This young Chinese lady missing her grandfather who is an artist is a very strong person. I wish her and the other family members of the missing passengers all the best. My heart goes out to them.



Families of MH370 passengers mark one month