Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Betty MacDonald in letters and documents

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club letter even contains letters and documents by Betty MacDonald's father Darsie Bard. Dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans in 5 continents thank you so much for sharing and donating your items. Without your support Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection wouldn't be the same.

You can imagine that Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit is a great opportunity to meet Betty MacDonald and her family in letters and documents.

I don't know who made this very dull comment: There is nothing new under the sun after all those years.  Betty MacDonald would have laughed tears about this comment from an ignorant bore.

For Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans: You can read the updated TOP 10's  of ESC 2014  and ESC BEST SONG votings. It'll be published today.

I share my voting: ESC 2014:  Armenia 12, Azerbaijan 10, Germany 8, Ukraine 7, UK 6, Austria 5,  Russia 4, Spain 3, France 2, Belgium 1.

ESC BEST SONG VOTING: Ukraine 12, Germany 10, Turkey 8, Greece 7, Norway 6, Sweden 5, Spain 4, France 3, UK 2, Ireland 1.

Take care,