Friday, April 4, 2014

Betty MacDonald and Robert Eugene Heskett

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC TOP 10 is changing very often. We are going to publish the next Betty MacDonald fan club ESC TOP 10 during this week.
Who will win ESC 2014? I guess these countries have good chances:

United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy

Eres tu is one of the best ESC entries ever. I love Mocedades but also Johnny Mathis.

Betty MacDonald fan club research team got very interesting items for Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit. You can read several letters by Betty MacDonald  describing her difficult marriage with Robert Eugene Heskett. Betty MacDonald fan club exhibit presents many international books by Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen. You'll enjoy it very much. I'm very interested in the Chinese, French and Czech editions.

Doris Day is an outstanding actor and singer. When I was a child I was fond of Doris Day show.
Yes, it's kind of a Sentimental Journey.

Congratulations dear Doris Day.


Betty MacDonald fan club items