Friday, April 18, 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club DVD

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club is working on a new Betty MacDonald fan club DVD.

You can listen to very witty and interesting interviews with Betty MacDonald and her family.
You can see very important documents, photos and letters.

This new Betty MacDonald fan club DVD will be available in June.

Let's talk about Betty MacDonald fan club ESC.

According to the votes of Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans that's the 10 most popular ESC entries ever in alphabetical order_

Germany (2010), Greece (2005), Ireland (1987), Italy (1958), Norway (2009), Portugal (1993),  Spain (1973) Sweden (1974), Ukraine (2004), United Kingdom (1976)

You can vote only for these 10 ESC entries and in 2 weeks we'll know who is the most popular ESC entry ever.

Deadline April 30, 2014

My votes: Norway 12, Germany 10,  Sweden 8, Italy 7, Spain 6, Portugal 5, Ukraine 4, United Kingdom 3, Greece 2, Ireland 1.

Domenico Mudogno didn't win ESC 1958 with Volare. It's really a shame. It's just one of the many very bad examples of rather strange ESC voting.

My votes ESC 2014: United Kingdom 12, Armenia 10, Germany 8, Sweden 7, Austria 6, Ukraine 5, Azerbaijan 4, Russia 3, Romania 2, Spain 1

We are going to publish the current ESC 2014 TOP  entries in alphabetical order during this day.
After we've published it you can only vote for these 10 entries. More info soon.

I love Charlie Chaplin, Henry Mancini and James Last.

Happy birthday dear Charlie, Henry and James ( Hansi ).


Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Henry Mancini - Moon River

Domenico Modugno - Nel blu dipinto di blu ( Volare ) ESC Italy 1958