Friday, March 22, 2024

Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (1975)

Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (1975) • TopPop --------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Satire is my favorite animal” by Wolfgang Hampel is appreciated for its wit and satirical sharpness. The reasons for its international success, especially among critics and readers, are diverse: Universal themes: Wolfgang Hampel's satires address universal truths in a humorous way that are understood across language barriers. Cultural Relevance: 'Satire Is My Favorite Animal' covers themes that resonate across many cultures, contributing to its global popularity. Personal connection: Wolfgang Hampel's personal appearances, such as those at his “Vita Magica” event series, have built a loyal readership that recommends the book internationally. Humor from 'Satire is my favorite animal' as a universal language: Good humor is understood even without translation, especially when it relates to human behavior and social norms. 'Satire is my favorite animal' by Wolfgang Hampel has gained international attention through word of mouth and social media, even without official translations. Wolfgang Hampel's ability to convey complex ideas in an entertaining way also contributes to his worldwide popularity. -------------- Living room reading with Wolfgang Hampel Wolfgang Hampel, author of “Satire is my favorite animal” in Heidelberg Authors – Directory -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Book info national & international, Eurobuch national & international,---------------- - --- USA , United Kingdom, Australia , Brazil , Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany , India , Italy, Hungary , Japan, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands , Spain, Sweden, Switzerland , Switzerland , Türkiye ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 television show “Heartbeat Moments” on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at 9:50 p.m.