Thursday, May 2, 2013

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May 2013


Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel is going to write a story of the most important Betty MacDonald fan club item in our history.

You'll read this very special story in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May 2013.

What do our Betty MacDonald fan club honor members think of Eurovision Song Contest 2013?

Wolfgang Hampel's Top 10:

San Marino, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, France, Spain, Italy.

Wolfgang Hampel isn't allowed to vote for Germany.

If he could his TOP  - 3 are:

Germany, San Marino and United Kingdom.

Bernd Kunze's Top 10:

Norway, San Marino, Austria, Armenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Italy, Hungary, Estonia and Macedonia.

Bernd Kunze isn't allowed to vote for Germany but he also likes Cascada's Glorious.

Mr. Tigerli is in love with Natalie Horler of Cascada, therefore Germany 12 points.

What about Letizia Mancino? We are very curious to learn more about her ESC favourites.

Vote for your ESC favourites, please.

We continue Betty MacDonald ESC voting 2013 until May 11.

The Youtube video below 'Eurovision Song Contest 2013 TOP 39' is not identic with the results of Betty MacDonald fan club ESC 2013 voting.



Wolfgang Hampel - Betty MacDonald fan club founder, Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö TOP 39