Sunday, May 19, 2013

Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC Voting 2013


Dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC Fans,

According to our Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC Fans from 40 countries our Nr. 1 is Germany, Cascada and Glorious.

We know very well that many ESC fans from all over Europe and the world are very sad that Cascada only got 21th place on ESC 2013.

We got so many mails tonight and during this morning from ESC fans from United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and other countries as well who said they are no longer interested in watching ESC. They are going to write to their TV senders to tell them they should leave Eurovision Song Contest.

That's very sad especially to a huge Eurovision Song Contest fan like me, although I'm personally a  bit depressed right now because of Sweden's bad ranking.

Our Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC TOP 10 wasn't so bad at all in the cases of Azerbaijan, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine and The Netherlands.

I love ESC so much and can't imagine a life without this great contest.

We know there will be many discussions because of the future of ESC.