Monday, May 20, 2013

Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC Meeting


Linde & Karin & Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans,

the Betty MacDonald fan club ESC meeting was great.

You can meet the most interesting Betty MacDonald and ESC fans from all over the world.

We can't wait to see the new Betty MacDonald biography and documentary.

It was a bit sad not to meet Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel or other Betty MacDonald fan club honor members.  How is our beloved Mr. Tigerli doing?

Anyway - we have wonderful Betty MacDonald news to share with you during May.

There will be the most important Betty MacDonald item in history in our Betty MacDonald fan club collection.

( see Betty MacDonald fan club extra info during May )

Regarding the ESC results I can't understand them at all. Karin your TOP 5 is great. I have the same entries.

My TOP 5:  1. Germany,  2. Norway,  3. Russia,  4. United Kingdom and 5. Ukraine

I'm proud that all Scandinavian songs are in grand final but I don't want to say anything about the winner. It's not my kind of music and I think there were so many much better songs in ESC 2013.

Linde,  don't be too sad because of Sweden's bad ranking.

I don't understand the results especially for United Kingdom and Germany. That's not fair at all and very negative for the future of ESC.

It would be very sad if countries like France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany would leave ESC.

Karin I agree that could be the end of ESC.

You are right: Something is wrong with the voting especially when I see  that this very strange song from Greece is on Nr. 6 and very successful international acts like Bonnie Tyler and Cascada are at the bottom. And Ireland at the end! No way!

That's my opinion and I know many Betty MacDonald and ESC fans have the same thoughts.
That has nothing to do with a serious Eurovison Song Contest. We have to solve these problems or you can forget the whole thing. That would be very bad because I'm really crazy about it.

Anyway - our Betty MacDonald fan club ESC meeting with so many Betty MacDonald and ESC fans are always an unforgettable experience and I hope we'll have many more of them in the future.

Greetings from Norway,