Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Betty MacDonald biography


Karin, Linde, Marius and Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC meeting was an outstanding event with so many Betty MacDonald fans from all over the world. I made so many new friends.

Thank you so much dear Linde Lund and your Betty MacDonald fan club ESC team.

Yes it was a bit sad not to meet Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel is working on a new Betty MacDonald biography and documentary. Good luck dear Wolfgang Hampel. What about the project about singer and artist Eva Vargas? I visited the website of our new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Bernd Kunze. He is a fascinating personality, a music producer, artist and one of the most important Charlie Chaplin collectors.

Betty MacDonald fan club has the most interesting Betty MacDonald fans and Betty MacDonald fan club honor members.

We are very happy and proud about this.

I didn't enjoy Eurovision Song Contest because of these horrible votings.
For example Russia gives Acerbaijan 12 points ( what I don't understand at all because it isn't a good song ) but Acerbaijan gives zero points to Russia ( we know now this voting is wrong ).

I ask myself: Is ESC serious?  What about these votings? How many more faults are there.
I guess many more.........

My TOP 5:  1. Russia, 2. Germany, 3. Norway, 4. Ukraine, 5. The Netherlands

Where are the votes for Germany and Cascada?  I can't understand this result at all.

It wasn't a bad decision of Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries not to take part on ESC. Other countries will follow.

Many ESC fans missed these countries very much especially Turkey!

If United Kingdom ( to me the UK entry belongs in TOP 10), France, Spain  and Germany won't take part in the future what will happen to ESC?