Monday, May 20, 2013

Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC 2013


Linde, I can understand very well that so many ESC fans are no longer interested in watching ESC.

I'm not very happy with the result.

The winner song is in a way very childish and boring. I don't like it at all.

My ESC TOP 5:   1. Russia, 2. Ukraine, 3. Norway, 4. Germany, 5. United Kingdom

I can't understand at all why United Kingdom is on 19 and Germany on 21. Bonnie Tyler and Cascada. That's a joke - but a very bad one!!!!!

There must be something wrong with the voting.

If France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany are going to leave the ESC - I hope it won't happen this way  because I love ESC very much - that could mean the end of ESC because of the missing financial support.

Anyway - something is wrong with these votings and it has to be to changed.

Greetings from Switzerland,