Friday, June 22, 2012

Sydney Bard's nickname 'Scrib'


Listen, dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans, I just found it although my beloved wife always says:
'Let me do it for you, Marcel. Men aren't able to find anything.'

It's true. My darling is a very good 'blind dog' for me but I was successful this time and therefore I'm really very proud.

Betty MacDonald wrote in THE PLAGUE AND I,  Chapter Seven 'Heavy, Heavy Hangs On Our Hands':

Mother's letters have always been a delight and she is such an untiring and fluent letter writer that the family often refers to her as 'Scrib'......    She merely sits down at her desk and writes what is going on at the moment......  The whole letter was as much a part of mother as though she snipped off a piece of herself and sent it to me.

As we know now Sydney Bard's husband Darsie Bard was also an excellent letter writer.

Isn't it wonderful that we have the chance to read these unique letters?

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Letter Collection is very important.

So let's work on it and find more of these  treasures.

I'm going to donate several letters.

Have a nice weekend,