Thursday, June 28, 2012

Betty MacDonald's thoughts regarding Maurice Sendak


Andrea, Ellen, Anita & Eartha,

I'm very interested in the Betty MacDonald Fan Club project 'Betty MacDonald and Maurice Sendak'.

I have a very important project contribution: Betty MacDonald's thoughts regarding Maurice Sendak's work.

I had to smile reading several relatives of Betty MacDonald Fan Club Fans sending  letters to Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen and the other family members.

My grandmother, also a doctor's wife agreed with Mary Bard Jensen after reading her book 'The doctor wears three faces' and sent several letters to Mary.

Mary Bard Jensen wrote back. There are several very, very witty letters.

I'm going to write a Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Mary Bard Jensen Society article.

Good luck for all Betty MacDonald Fan Club projects,