Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mary Bard Jensen letter


Marcel,  don't believe your wife, please.

You can find everything as we can see. Thanks a lot.

I like Betty MacDonald's very warm lines.  She admired her mother Sydney Bard very much.
You need these letters in a depressing situation like in Firland.

As we know from Wolfgang Hampel's interviews the family supported Betty MacDonald very much during this difficult time.

Are there other chapters in the books by Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen mentioning letter writers in the family?
Thanks for your feedback.

I have a very special Mary Bard Jensen surprise.
I once purchased a Mary Bard Jensen book and there was a very interesting letter by Mary Bard Jensen inside. Can you imagine how I felt? An original letter written by the author inside the book.
There can be always something new under the sun and I was very happy to find it.

 I'll share it with you in next Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection is one of the most interesting Betty MacDonald Fan Club research projects and very, very successful.

Enjoy your weekend,