Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Betty MacDonald letters


Beat, can you remember Deargrandmother, ( Sydney Bard's mother) who addressed her monthly letters to Betty with ' Dear Child Bride'.
You can find it in Betty MacDonald's THE EGG AND I, Chapter XV, 'Fancy work versus the printed word'.

I have to laugh aloud every time when I'm reading this.

Betty began to write long letters to family and friends and this was the start of  THE EGG AND I.

I really enjoy Betty MacDonald's, Mary Bard Jensen's, Sydney Bard's letters but my favourites are letters by Gammy and son Darsie Bard.

Speaking of letters at the last Betty MacDonald Fan Club meeting I met a lady. She told me she had several letters by Betty MacDonald addressed to her gandmother.

She shared them with me and we both are working on the story now. It will be published in one of the next Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletters.

All the best to Betty MacDonald Fan Club Fans,