Monday, June 11, 2012

Betty MacDonald Letter Event


Several very important Betty MacDonald Collectors donated us their letters and documents.

Should we have a Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter meeting in the future?
Many Betty MacDonald Fan Club members are convinced  it would be a great idea.

We'll have our next international Betty MacDonald Fan Club Event in 2012.
So let's discuss it.
The Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection is very important and of course we should continue to work on it.

It's the first letter by Gammy and  Darsie Bard  I'd ever read.
Their letters are very well written and I had to smile what mother and son said regarding the family matters.

I'd like to read more of them because of these incredible new fascinating information for further Betty MacDonald Fan Club research  projects in the future.

Thank you for listening.

Take care,