Sunday, February 11, 2018

Betty MacDonald, Linde Lund and a very special alarm clock

Dear Aashish Alix Acharydr Arno Bärbel Boy Best Bodo Carsten Dawid Denise Duncan Eugenia Eva Ewa Friedrich Gabriele Gabriele Hana Harald Harald Heidrun Heike Heinz Heinz Hiltrud Immo Inna Iris Janie Jeanine Jorge Joyce Julieta Julia Kain Lila Melitta Mourad NA NG Nancy Octavia Peter Pram Rebecca Scott Swiss Teo Tom Ursula Zaezilia and our other friends we wish you a perfect start on Monday. 

Perhaps I'd need such a special alarm clock because I'm not an early riser. 

All the best and many greetings 

Linde, Astrid, Greta and Lund family


This is so funny, but could you imagine it happening to you at 5 a.m. every morning? LOL!