Sunday, January 3, 2016

Betty MacDonald book with photos, items and letters

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,
you'll enjoy Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter January very much.

Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection includes several very important  documents.

Using some very new and very important Betty MacDonald fan club documents Anita and Eartha Kitt II are working on a Betty MacDonald essay for Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter January.

According to Anita and Eartha's research Betty especially disliked three very famous writers.

You'll be able to read their article very soon.

Are you interested in a British edition of Betty MacDonald's autobiography 'Who, Me?'

The book is in excellent condition and as a very special bonus it includes some very interesting Betty MacDonald items, letters and photos.

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is back and we are delighted.
Enjoy a very nice Sunday.

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Lazy Owl Image

Christmas with Mr. Tigerli

Copyright 2015 by Letizia Mancino
translated by Mary Holmes
All rights reserved

He is in Maine, Betty!

B: What on earth is Mr. Tigerli doing in Maine?

He is spending Christmas in the “The Jackson Laboratory” in Bar Harbor.

B: Isn’t it too cold for him there?

He has his winter coat and a wooly hat! It is not much colder in Maine than on Olympus!

B: Is he alone?

Yes, and he hasn’t taken his motorbike.

B: And the beautiful Greek girl?

She doesn’t celebrate Christmas. A Greek goddess isn’t a Christian.

B: I have already heard something of this world famous Institute on Mount Desert Island!

Yes Betty! It’s a cats’ paradise. There are six million mice there. More than anywhere else in the world!

B: Six million! Oh my god, and all sitting around under the Christmas tree?

Yes, they are all related to each other!

B: And they are waiting for the Christmas presents to be handed out?


B: Oh god, and they all want to have their Christmas dinner at the same table?


B: How many tons of cheese would one need for such an enormous family?

Mr. Tigerli will invite them all to dinner. 

B: Rockefeller could not be more generous.

Neither could Pope Franciscus.

B: Aren’t the mice afraid of our cat?

He has disguised himself as the Christmas tree.

B: That would certainly suit him well!

As a Christmas present he will let all the six million mice free. The mice will be absolutely overjoyed.

B: Has our little friend already drunk too much mulled wine?

Happy, happy, cats and mice
Christmas together is very nice.