Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Betty MacDonald and her gardens

Linde Lund shared •*Secret Garden *•'s photo.

a very beautiful rose in Winter

•*Secret Garden *•'s photo.
Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club research team with Pieter, Marco and other Betty MacDonald fan club members are  working on a new Betty MacDonald fan club essay 'Betty MacDonald and her gardens'.

Betty MacDonald was very fond of beautiful gardens.

Pieter, Marco and Betty MacDonald fan club team are going to share their outstanding research results including new photos, letters, memories and interviews.

If you are interested in this subject you can join Peter's and Marco's Betty MacDonald fan club research team.

Are you a good gardener?

Anyway - you can win some new Betty MacDonald fan club items in case you can anwer this question:

Tell us Betty MacDonald's favourite flower, please.

Deadline:  January 31, 2016

Wolfgang Hampel's new Vita Magica guest will be a very famous personality.

We are crazy about  Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli and we are delighted our hero is back.

Enjoy your breakfast at the bookstore with Brad and Nick.

One of next International Betty MacDonald fan club events should be on Betty MacDonald's magical Vashon Island.

Wishing you a great Wednesday,


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Bomb attack in Istanbul
All 10 Istanbul victims were German: reports
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul after the terrorist attack. Photo: DPA

All 10 Istanbul victims were German: reports

Published: 13 Jan 2016 08:56 GMT+01:00
Updated: 13 Jan 2016 10:46 GMT+01:00
The German government has so far confirmed that eight of the ten victims were German, while the identities of two people who died had not yet been confirmed.
“We believe that the other two victims were Germans,” broadcaster N-tv reported a Turkish official as saying.
A married couple from Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate were among the victims of the suicide attack which killed ten people plus the attacker in the Sultanahmet area of the city, public broadcaster ARD reports.
A further victim was a man from Bad Kreuznach, also in the western state. His wife survived but was seriously injured.
A married couple from Brandenburg were also among the dead, as Germany counted one of the highest ever tolls of Bundesrepublik citizens in a single terrorist attack.
The victims were all on a tour of three countries in the Middle East run by a Berlin company which offers adventure to people “in the best years of their life.”
Nine further Germans were seriously injured in the attacks.
“The terrorists are enemies of all free people, indeed their enemies of all humanity,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said in response to the attacks.
“But exactly this freedom, along with our determination in cooperation with international partners to tackle the terrorist will prevail,” she added.
Aimed at Germans?
According to eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber behind the attack aimed specifically for where the German tourists were.
Security expert Bruno Schirra told Bild on Wednesday that Isis had warned after terror attacks in Tunisia last June that the group would ensure Germans "could no longer holiday safely all around the Mediterranean".
"The Islamists hope for a heightening of the conflict of the majority in German society with Muslims, in the knowledge that this will drive more fighters into their arms," Schirra said.
"I think it's no co-incidence that Isis sought out a German tour group for this attack," Turkey expert Günter Seufert agreed on ARD television on Tuesday evening, saying that the terrorists hope to stoke division at home in Germany.
But British expert David Lewin disagreed, telling Bild that "Germans are no more and no less in Isis' sights than British people or Americans or citizens of other western countries."
The main thing about attacking tourists, Lewin argued, is that they make for an easy target for terrorist attackers compared with - for example - heavily-defended government buildings or airports.
According to Turkish authorities the terrorist was a 27-year-old with links to Isis who had travelled from Syria to Turkey shortly beforehand.
Conflicting reports emerging from Turkish media suggest the man came from Saudi Arabia.
Isis however has not taken responsibility for the attack.